First Look: Boundless CF Vaporizer

We've put together some first thoughts and pictures for the new Boundless CF

Our shipment of Boundless CF vaporizers just came in and they seem pretty nice so far.  Looks good, feels solid in your hand, easy to use and super fast heat up time.  We're getting up to temperature in under 20 seconds!

The CF uses conduction and convection heating giving us tasty and seemingly endless thick clouds after the first couple draws.

We have some convection snobs over here, but the CF has really impressed with great flavor and power not seen too often in a portable vaporizer, let alone a conduction portable.  

The CF is slightly smaller than its big brother, the Boundless CFX, and has 5 heat settings instead of the full temperature range OLED digital display.  

Click Here To See The Boundless CF Compared to the CFX

We're going to run it through it's paces for a bit, but will make sure and get the Boundless CF review up soon.

Boundless CF Vaporizer In Hand Front Lights On - Planet of the Vapes

Boundless CF Vaporizer In Front Lights On Planet of the Vapes

Boundless CF Vaporizer In Front Lights Compared To Lighter On Planet of the Vapes

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