Boundless CF Update

New version of the Boundless CF is shipping.  Stealth Mode, Battery Indicator and Memory Function included.

We've got the updated version of the  Boundless CF vaporizer in stock. hitting our warehouses this week. The plan is to be shipping these out starting the 2nd week of July 2016. Boundless has taken their stealthy CF and added some cool and helpful new features.

Stealth mode

Hold power button down on the CF for three seconds to enable stealth mode. The LED lights will turn off on the device but the unit will remain heated and fully functional. Hold power button down for another three seconds to power the lights back on. 

Battery indicator

The one we've really been waiting for! Press the power button three times to show the battery level. The LED lights will flash between 1-5 lights depending on how much battery life is left. 1 being the lowest amount of battery and 5 being fully charged.

Memory function

The CF will now power on, set to the last temperature used. In the original model the CF would start at the lowest temperature and you would have to reset your desired level to start each session. With the update, the CF will now start heating up to the last temperature used.

 Boundless CF Update - Planet of the Vapes

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