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First Look: Boundless CFV

Our Boundless CFV is here and we have some first thoughts and images from this convection portable...

We've been waiting for our Boundless CFV to show up and yesterday was the lucky day. The vape comes in two colors (red / black) and we got the Yeezy 2, Red October, red on red on red version.

We're going to be running this guy fully through the paces for a true CFV Review, so we'll stick to the preliminaries at this point. 

Also, we shot too many photos for this post, so please check out the Boundless CFV Photo Gallery if you want to see them all.

Boundless CFV Available Now

Fast facts:

  • Priced at CAD$165
  • Widely Available End of Oct. Early Nov.
  • Full Convection Heating
  • 140° F / 60° C - 446° F / 230° C
  • 28s Heat Up To 390° F, 33s to 446° F
  • Available in Black and Red
  • 30-40 Min. Battery Life
  • 2.5hr Charging Time via USB
  • Non-Removable 18650 Battery
  • Changeable Heat Retention Rings
  • Average of 0.215 Gram Capacity 
  • 3yr Unit Warranty / 90 Day Battery Warranty 

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We've got our @bndlsvapes CFV and running it through the paces tonight. Check out our first look on the blog tomorrow.

A photo posted by Planet Of The Vapes (@potvlife) on


I mean, it's fly. The red doesn't even look real in some of the pics. If you want to bring a bit of flash to your vape game, this might just help you out. The CFV is a bit bigger than CF in size and has the same great feel in the hand as the other two Boundless vapes. Materials and build quality seem right about the same as the CFX and CF.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Heat retention rings

As we mentioned in our Sneak Peek:  Boundless CFV, the vaporizer comes with interchangeable "Heat Retention Rings". These rings fit in the oven, covering the walls. The idea here is that the different materials impart different flavors and different heating profiles. 

These rings do not conduct from the walls, but do retain some heat as the hot air from the convection vaporizer passes over the material and the rings themselves. 

The CFV comes with 3 rings in the box, 2 x Rosewood and 1 x Quartz. There were a few prototype rings in our package (African Palisander, South American Palisander and Bamboo) so you might be seeing other materials available in the future.

Using their included bowl tool, it's easy to change them out.

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 Boundless CFV Heat Retention Rings - Planet of the Vapes

What's In the Box

(1) Loader Lid / Loading Tool
(2) Tool For Removing Oven Chamber
(3) Heat Retention Rings - 1 x Quartz, 2 x Rosewood
(4) Extra Mouthpiece and Oven Screens 
(5) Cleaning Brush and Dab / Stir Tool
(6) Extra, High Temperature Silicone O-rings
(7) USB Charging Cable
User Manual

Boundless CFV - Everything In The Box - Planet of the Vapes

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