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First Look: Focus Pro Vaporizer

Focusvape has jammed a ton of features into a seriously affordable package with the Focus Pro. At CAD$108 you get a...

Focusvape has jammed a ton of features into a seriously affordable package with the Focus Pro. At CAD$108 you get a durable, well designed vaporizer with fast heat up time and great battery life, and most importantly good vapor quality.

The Focus Pro is a good starter vape for almost anyone and with its strong performance, a great daily driver for the experienced vaporist.

Fast facts:

  • Priced at CAD$108
  • Digital Temperature Control 176 - 465° F / 80 - 241° C
  • 30s Heat Up Time
  • Conduction Heating
  • Removable 18650, 3200mAH Battery
  • 2.5hr Charging Time via USB - much faster if you throw the removable battery on an external charger 
  • 0.4 Grams Average Oven Capacity
  • 1yr Warranty (excludes battery and glass)

Smart touches

The Focus Pro has a couple nice features that might go unnoticed, because they do exactly what they're supposed to. The oven is right behind the mouthpiece like you see on the X-Max and the G Pen Elite. The difference on the Focus Pro is they threaded the connection making sure a full bowl never dumps out on accident.

Threaded mouthpiece 

Focus Pro Unscrew Mouthpiece - Planet of the Vapes

Removable battery 

The second simple but strong feature for such an affordable vape is the removable 18650 battery. Because the Focus Pro charges via USB, like almost all similar usb charging vapes, it take 2 + hours to get back to full.

Invest a bit in a wall charger and an extra battery and you can do quick changeovers. Always ready to vape!Focus Pro Vaporizer - Removable Battery - Planet of the Vapes

Silica gel 

The most identifiable difference between the Focus Pro and similar style vapes like the X Max V2 Pro (also sold as Atmos Astra, Storm) is the silica gel wrap over the entire vape. This treatment adds a bit of size but also ads a great grip, making it less likely to slip out of your hand and more importantly keeps the vape noticeably cooler to the touch.

Focus Pro Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Battery life

Putting the Focus Pro head to head against the X-Max we got nearly double the battery life. We'll detail more about how we did this in as scientific-a-way as we're capable, but it's pretty impressive how efficient this vape is with power.

Focus Pro Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Sum it up

Overall we're impressed. If you're looking for a conduction vape that does everything a portable vape pretty much needs at a friendly price point, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option than the Focus Pro

If one of your major concerns is a vape that fits in your pocket and is discreet, that's where the Focus falls a bit short. It will go into a pocket but stick out of most and it definitely isn't palmable.

Written by

jerry stickstones

Vaporist, vape beta tester, vape reviewer. I like to vape, talk about vapes, and think about vapes. Sometimes I dream...about vapes.

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