Flowermate Updates V5.0S & Pro With USB + New Color

Flowermate has updated two of their most popular portable vapes bringing smart and stylish changes to each of them ......

Flowermate has updated two of their most popular portable vapes bringing smart and stylish changes to each of them. New colors here, updated finishes there, and best of all, USB charging.

The new USB charging port was first added to the V5.0S and V5.0 Pro when Flowermate introduced the rose gold color option, but it was limited to that single color. It didn’t take long for USB Micro-B, the same connection found on most Android smartphones, to finally makes its way to every color in both models, alongside some other nice improvements.

Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

More versatile USB charging

USB ports are being chosen over DC charging in portable vapes by every manufacturer from Storz & Bickel to Arizer vaporizers. It’s a win-win for companies and consumers, as the cables are cheaper to produce and more convenient for the user. With USB, you can charge your vaporizer anywhere there is a USB outlet including a laptop, spare desktop USB port, or even a portable battery pack on the road.

Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer Rose Gold - Planet of the Vapes

Rose Gold introduced the idea

Our first clue that USB would find its way onto the V5.0S and Pro when Flowermate rolled out a new Rose Gold finish in September of 2017 with USB charging and the new finishes. Now with the update, every color has the benefits of USB plus a stylish makeover.

Flowermate Pro Update - Planet of the Vapes

Color matched lids and buttons

Apart from the USB port, the V5.0S and Pro models got a stylish color matching makeover. The tops and sliding covers used all be silver, regardless of color, but now they match the vape’s base color. The buttons have received a similar treatment, with colors to match. It seems like a minor detail, but it gives the Flowermate vaporizers a more polished finish.

Like the rest of the line

Now that the Flowermate Pro and V5.0S have USB, they fit right alongside all the V5 Mini models, which makes them easier to recommend. DC cables are difficult to replace and require their own dedicated power port, which feels outdated. USB makes a ton of sense, and finding the time to update the paint job was a smart move that adds a premium feel.

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