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The Ghost MV1 Is Here, and New Colors Are on the Horizon

Looking for something unique? The ambitious Ghost MV1 pairs on-demand vapor with beautiful design, and it’s available now in the...

We’ve been watching the ambitious Ghost MV1 develop over the last year or so, and our excitement has only grown as a full release loomed nearer. Now, we’re excited to announce that Planet of the Vapes is the first US retailer to carry the Ghost MV1, and it’s available now.

If you want to get in on the ground floor with the first run of glossy units, make sure to pick one up soon, as they’ll be replaced with matte models in the near future.

Outstanding convection vapor

The Ghost is unlike any other vaporizer you’ve used. Its powerful heater is capable of producing vapor in less than ten seconds from cold, and in just two or three when already warmed up. The crucible might seem small, but it allows for consistent micro-dosing and quick hits, with surprisingly potent effects. The MV1’s combination of innovative features and precise design make it an exceptional vaporizer for enthusiasts and nerds alike. Our Ghost MV1 review breaks down the specifics about what makes this vaporizer so unique.

Learning curve

That quality comes at a cost. The Ghost MV1 has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to proper loading and inhaling. It didn’t take us long to nail the technique, but don’t expect to hit it perfectly right out of the box. Make sure to check out our post on on-demand convection vaporizers to learn more about the highs and lows of this ambitious category.

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New colors

At launch, the Ghost MV1 is available in a set of four colors: glossy rose gold, glossy nickel, black chrome, and satin silver. In mid to late August, a new set of matte color options will replace the glossy set. We’ll have more news on exactly which colors will be coming to the Ghost MV1 next month, ahead of their release.

Other than color, the two versions of the MV1 are identical, so if you’re interested in the flashier glossy colors, you might want to snatch one up now, before they go away.

Ghost MV1 Available Colors

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