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Pack for the Whole Day with the Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square is an impressive vaporizer, with quick heating times, USB Type-C charging, and a unique four oven setup...

In a portable vaporizer market that’s more crowded than ever, it can be tough to stand out. Some companies reach for novel heating, where others try and fit water inside for better filtration. Even among them, the Haze Square vaporizer is cutting out its own segment as the first vape with four bowls built in.

The Haze Square’s four-oven setup might seem like a gimmick at first, but it actually offers a surprising amount of versatility. You can load in different varietals, a blend of herbs and extracts, or just pack for the whole day without bringing anything extra.

Fast facts:

  • CAD$209.99 (Standard model) - CAD$249.99 (Pro model) Retail price
  • Temperature Range: Standard Model - 360 - 430° F / 182 - 221° C | Pro Model - 320 - 480° F / 160 - 249° C
  • On-demand convection heating
  • Vaporizes extracts and dry herbs
  • 4 bowls for all day use
  • Just under 3 in square | 1.25 in deep | 9 ounces (255 grams)
  • Available in Black only at launch
  • User replaceable batteries - Not hot-swappable
  • 10 Year Warranty

Tasty and cool convection vapor

With full convection heating, the Haze Square pumps out flavorful vapor. It has a ceramic air path and mouthpiece that help with cooling, so you can taste the full effect by the time it leaves the Square.

Rapid heat up time

The compact heating element brings the Haze Square up to cruising altitude at breakneck speed. Our pre-production unit was ready to hit less than ten seconds after hitting the button, but after it warms up initially, each subsequent draw takes only a couple of seconds to produce vapor. See our full review for a complete breakdown and comparison with other vaporizers, once we’ve had a chance to test.

Four bowls at the ready

Haze Square Pro Vaporizer Bowls

Of course, the Haze Square’s standout feature is its four-bowl setup. The two halves of the device rotate independently, so when one starts to run dry, you can rotate a new one into place over the heating element. It’s more than a gimmick, letting you skip the extra containers and sorting. Simply load up the bowls, toss the Square Pro in your pocket, and off you go. Plus, if you like to enjoy different varietals for different parts of the day, you can keep track of which oven is active by the numbered dots on the side.

Dry herbs and extracts too

With four ovens, your choices aren’t limited to dry herbal use. The Haze Square vaporizer includes two concentrate pads that load right into the ovens. You can leave them in for two of each, or pop them out and have four herbal ovens. We have more extract quality impressions in our full review.

A dense, solid Square

Haze Square Pro Vaporizer size in hand

It’s called the Square for a reason. This reasonably compact vaporizer has four distinct, rounded corners, so it can turn evenly without changing its overall footprint. It’s about three inches across, and one inch thick, so it’s easy to pocket. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but as a result, feels sturdy in hand. It’s not the kind of vaporizer you worry about dropping.

Battery life

The Square’s quick convection heating defies our usual standards for testing battery life. The length of hit, how long it sits in between, temperature, and material type all have an effect on the total run time. In our pre-production units, we were typically able to vaporize all four ovens without recharging, but we’ll withhold judgement until we’ve had a chance to spend time with the final model.

Haze Square vs Haze Square Pro

Detail of the Haze Square Vaporizer Charging

There are only two differences between the standard Haze Square, and the Haze Square Pro. The Pro version charges over Type-C, so it can go from empty to fully charged in around 30 minutes, and also boasts a connected desktop app. If you plug it into your computer, you can change the temperatures, LED colors, and vibration settings. At first glance, it’s worth the slight price difference for the Pro version, but our full Haze Square review breaks down the differences in greater detail.

Written by

brad bourque

Brad is a writer and tech nerd from Portland, Oregon, with a fondness for video games, craft beer, and the Portland Timbers.

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