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Lightwood and Darkwood VapCaps are Now in Stock

DynaVap is updating the NonaVong and OmniVong series with attractive new light and dark wood finishes.

DynaVap continues to update and refresh its popular VapCap vaporizers with new options and finishes. These lightweight, modular vaporizers have a surprising number of features hidden below their attractive wood and metal finishes, and use external heat instead of an internal electric heater. The newest round sports your choice of Darkwood and Lightwood finishes, and replaces the existing wood VapCaps.

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The VapCap difference

Despite their small size, the DynaVap vaporizers pack a surprising punch. By heating the end of the VapCap with a butane torch, you’ll vaporize the herbs inside, and an audible click will let you know you’re ready to vape. It’s a simple system that works quite well in situations where you can’t wait 30-60 seconds for an electronic vaporizer to heat up, and it fits easily in your pocket.

dynavap darkwood torch lighter

New wood finishes

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DynaVap periodically finds new materials and finishes to adorn their higher-end VapCaps. This time around, the NonaVong and OmniVong lines are getting new Lightwood and Darkwood finishes. These new models will replace the existing NonaVong, NonaVong-S, NonaVong-XLS, and OmniVong, and you’ll be able to choose between the two finishes.

Sustainable and unique

DynaVap takes pride in their preference for unique, attractive materials, and also in ensuring they’re sustainable and eco-friendly. We asked them about this batch, and they let us know that “DynaVap sources the wood for our products from responsible companies and uses recycled or reclaimed wood when possible.” As a result, no two wooden VapCaps are exactly alike, with unique grain patterns and tone.

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Ready to vape?

If these attractive vaporizers are calling out to you, our Dynavap buyer's guide can help you find the perfect VapCap for your needs. Plus, all of the VapCaps, with the exception of the Vapcap M, have modular parts you can mix and match to tailor it to your needs. To top it off, any vaporizer you buy from us is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, in case things aren’t quite the right fit.

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