Sneak Peek: Space Case's Brand New Look

A sneak peek of the Space Case's upcoming releases.  Check out the new look.  

The Space Case Grinder is a tried and true, fluff, mulching champion.  Tim Brady, the owner of Space Case, has been neck deep in the grinder game since 1998 and he's been using his aerospace background to machine precise, quality aromatic blend feared grinders out of San Clemente, CA ever since.  

Space Case Grinder:  New Look For 2016

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the new grinders coming out this year.  The word on the street is there with be Flat Red, Flat Green and Flat Gold which Voltron their way into a limited addition Rasta series.  Should be seeing these guys in March sometime.

Space Case Grinder Rasta Color 4 Piece - Planet of the Vapes

Word on the street as these new colors stem from a line of the Rastafarian inspired color combination grinders made and forgotten about 2 years ago. 

Space Case Grinder Rasta Color 4 Piece - Planet of the Vapes

What we're waiting for

The new confirmed colors are great, but there is a rumor that we're pretty excited about over here at Planet of the Vapes.  We've heard a murdered out, mat black version of the Space Case Grinder might be dropping! It is a bit more mysterious when this will be released, but sounds like maybe year.  

We'll keep you posted and let you know when these hit the site.

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