Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Update

Storz & Bickel is releasing a new version of the Easy Valve for their Volcano vaporizers.  The big change being...

The Volcano vaporizer's extremely convenient Easy Valve system has been updated with the big change being now you can now replace the balloon and reuse the valve.  

In the past, those who wanted to replace their balloons or create 10ft party vape blimps would go with the Volcano Solid Valve setup.  Those who didn't care much about balloon control and liked the convenience of just cracking open a new valve with a balloon attached and ready when their last was getting funky, went with the Easy Valve.

New Easy Valve - Planet of the Vapes

(image from Storz & Bickel)

Does this mean the Solid Valve will slowly be phased out?  We don't know yet, but adding this feature definitely changes things up a bit.

Our Volcano vapes all ship with the new Easy Valve sets and we will keep the Solid Valves well stocked while they're still available. 

Editor's Note: This article was originally published October 2016 and has since been reworked and updated for accuracy
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