DynaVap 2019 The Color “M”: Three New Colors!

The Dynaverse continues to expand, this time in a burst of color!

The Dynaverse continues to expand, this time in a burst of color. DynaVap is introducing their 2019 The Color “M” Series, and there couldn’t be a better time to add one to your collection. For less than a hundred bucks, these strikingly colored vapes bring a touch of style, for a price that’s easy to say yes to.

Beautiful new colors

Every year DynaVap improves on their best-selling “M” vaporizer, and this year we have some standout new colors for you. DynaVap calls the lineup the Fall Colors, showing off Rosium (pink), Phantom (gunmetal), and Aurum (gold). Every visible piece is colored - the body, tip and cap - for an amazing, seamless look. These vapes really pop!

DynaVap M Fall Colors

Limited availability

The Fall Colors might not be around for long. DynaVap isn’t giving away any secrets, but with a color selection that matches the season, you might only have until winter to pick up one of these colors. Get one while you can!

Same great vapor

DynaVap’s 2019 M is one of our favorite vaporizers, with a price and function that is hard to beat. Armed with a torch lighter, you can enjoy instant, satisfying sessions anywhere. The new colors benefit from the same stainless steel construction, and the color coating is extremely durable.

The color process

For all you techies out there, the colors are created with a process called Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD. The color coatings resist scratches, heat, and oxidation, and become an inert ceramic. The Phantom units are coated in Aluminum Chromium Nitride, and have a slightly tactile feel. The Rosium and Aurum finishes are coated with Titanium Nitride, which is used for gold-coated drill bits, and have a shiny finish. This stuff is tough!

DynaVap Fall Colors Gold

Presale for only $85

The new colors will only set you back $85 each, and are available for pre-order from October 24th to the 31st. Regular orders, and shipping, will start on November 1st. Hurry up!

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