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  • 10mm Female to 14mm Male
  • 10mm female to 18mm male adapter
  • 14mm female to 14mm female adapter
  • 14mm female to 18mm male adapter
  • 14mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter
  • 18mm female to 14mm female adapter
  • 18mm female to 14mm male adapter

Glass Adapters

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If you find that your glass adapter is the wrong size for your water piece, these handy adapters might be the fix you’re looking for. Each one takes the existing joint on your glass rig and provides you with the exact fitting you need to hook up your vaporizer, without the need to grab a whole new glass setup. 

These glass adapters all consist of two 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm scientific glass connections. The connections are ground glass, sometimes referred to as GonG joints. Measure the fitting on your existing wpa and glass to make sure you grab the correct adapter. For example, if you have a whip vaporizer with an 18mm male connection and a glass piece with a 14mm male connection, you need the 18mm female to 14mm female adapter.

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