Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Guide

Is your Arizer Air 2 not feeling so fresh? Our cleaning guide will help you take everything apart, clean each piece, and...

Is your Arizer Air 2 not feeling so fresh? Our cleaning guide is here to help you take everything apart, clean each piece, and have it all reassembled in time for an even tastier evening session.

What you’ll need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (91% or better will make your job easier)
  • Cotton swabs (q-tip)
  • Soapy, hot water

Start with the oven

Even though the herbs are loaded in the stem, the oven itself will start to accumulate bits of vaped herb over time. Dip a cotton swab in ISO, pinch it to wring out any excess, flip your Air II upside down to make sure nothing drips down to the heating element and give the oven a swabbing. Let it dry well, and then do a burnoff

Burnoff: Set your Air 2 on the highest temperature and let it run until it shuts itself off or when the smell of the alcohol is gone.

The mouthpiece

Unscrew the black mouthpiece tip off the glass stem. Make sure to keep an eye on the silicone gasket inside, it’s easy to lose. Scrub the plastic with hot, soapy water, and then leave it to soak for a bit. A quick rinse in the ISO is fine, but don’t leave it in there for more than a minute before rinsing it well in hot water. Leave the mouthpiece out to dry completely while you work on the stems

Soak the stems

The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer glass stems are the easiest piece to clean. Simply soak them in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or two, then rinse them off in hot water until they’re nice and clean. You can give them a shake, repeat this process a few times, or just let the stems soak in ISO overnight. If you’re using a screen in your stem pop it out and throw it in the ISO as well. Make sure everything is completely dry before you reassemble. Again, don’t forget the small gasket from inside the mouthpiece.

That's it.

Make your life easier

After each session, while your vape is still warm, brush out all of the vaporized herbs from the stem and oven. This will keep your Air II much cleaner for much longer -- leaving you the heavy cleaning only every so often.

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