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The Storz and Bickel difference

Storz & Bickel vaporizers have a reputation for being some of the best in the industry, and it’s well deserved. They continually innovate with products that set the vaporization bar for years to come for the rest of the industry. The entire Storz and Bickel catalog only boast five vaporizers, thanks to designs that last for decades, and innovations that others copy even years later. These vaporizers sit on the top shelf, and are priced accordingly, but worth every penny.

The Volcano and Plenty - plugged in beasts

Storz and Bickel’s debut vaporizer, the Volcano, has an unmatched reputation for excellence, consistency, and durability. For almost 20 years, people have been vaping bags and powering parties with it, and for many, it’s the only vaporizer they ever buy. But if direct draw is more your style, the Plenty takes a unique approach. Instead of the typical hookah-style whip, it has a metal straw that spirals out from the bowl to cool the vapor. The Plenty combines clunky temperature control with fantastic convection vapor in a corded hand-held, that’s great for chilling on the couch.

Take it on the road with the Mighty or Crafty

Some of the best portable vapor you can find is right here in the Storz and Bickel Mighty. With long battery life, a mouthpiece that cools the vapor, and intuitive controls, it fully extracts your herbal goodies with little fuss. The Crafty is the smaller, more portable version, with the same great vapor. It sacrifices some battery life and on-board controls for size, and was the first portable to come with a smartphone app to expand the controls. These portables were released in 2014, but are still considered by many to be the benchmark for portable performance.

Perfect accessories

Each Storz Bickel vaporizer is compatible with a complete set of accessories, from an herb grinder to dosing capsules to concentrate pads, that perfectly compliment the vape. The portables have a loading funnel, and the dosing capsules work across the entire line, tying it all together. One of our favorites is the Capsule Caddy that comes with four dosing capsules and goes on any keyring, so we’re always ready for a quick reload on-the-go.