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  • Vaporizer - Mighty Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

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  • Produces Top Quality Vapor
  • Convection And Conduction Heating
  • 104°F - 410°F (40 - 210°C)
  • 90-120 Second Heat Up Time
  • All Day Vaping Battery Power
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Regular price CAN$459.00 CAN$399.99
You save: CAN$59.01
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Who's the Mighty for?

The Mighty vaporizer is a great choice for those looking to carry first-class vapor quality around with them. It boasts great battery life, and an extremely durable, high-quality construction from a trusted manufacturer. It doesn't quite fit in your pocket, but it's easy enough to throw in a bag or purse, so you don't ever have to sacrifice on experience, no matter where you go.

Unparalleled performance

The Mighty delivers unrivaled vapor quality from a portable vaporizer. A large heat exchange ensures consistent heat and ideal convection vaping. As the oven heats up, it will provide some conduction heat later in the session, for a full extraction and tasty draws.

Portable, not pocketable

Though the Mighty is a portable vaporizer, it's a little too big for most pockets, although it's easy to throw in a purse or bag. It's better to think of it more as a convenient, cordless vaporizer for home use. It's about twice the size of the Crafty, which gives you room for full on-board controls.

See our Mighty vs Crafty comparison for a full breakdown of the differences between these two portable vapes by S&B.

Battery & power

The Mighty delivers 90-120 minutes of vaporization on a full charge, just about double the capacity of the more pocket friendly Crafty. That's a strong showing for the category, even considering the Mighty's size.

Medical grade materials

Storz & Bickel takes great pride in their material selection, and it shows in all of their products. The Mighty is made without any glass, so it’s extremely durable, and none of the parts will let off any hazardous or odorous fumes or materials when heated. If you’re concerned about material safety, the Mighty and its siblings are made with medical grade materials and are backed by numerous safety certifications.


We're authorized dealers of the Mighty vaporizer, so if you decide to buy your Mighty from us, you are backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet Of The Vapes, you're also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Mighty Vaporizer box contents By Storz & Bickel

What's in the box

  • Mighty Vaporizer (latest version)
  • Power Adapter
  • Liquid Pad
  • Spare Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Herb Grinder
  • Filling Aid
  • Spare Seal Rings
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • Instructions
Mighty Vaporizer herb chamber By Storz & Bickel spec

Technical specifications

  • Height 5.5 in / 14 cm
  • Width 3.2 in / 8 cm
  • Depth 1.2 in / 3 cm
  • Weight .5 lbs / 230 g
  • Dual 2668 mAh Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 104° F - 410° F (40 - 210° C) Temperature Range
  • 100 - 240v Power
  • Made in Germany by Storz & Bickel
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Canada Canada

I was uncertain about spending this much on a dry herb vape, but it's by far the best vape I've ever used. I've used many at different prices. I love the dosing capsules. It's so much easier for cleaning. The staff at POTV are so amazing and helpful. Great experience altogether

Ian Q.
United States United States
Amazing customer service!

Planet of the Vapes provided amazing support and customer service during purchase of my Mighty. 10/10 would purchase from them again!

A Planet of the Vapes Customer
United States United States
If you want a good vape, this is it.

I was tired of spending around $100-$200 for vapes that I felt all had about the same performance. Weak draws, hard to clean, weak vape clouds or a dead battery. The Mighty changes the game, and I do not plan on using much of anything else. The device is super easy to clean, charge, and maintain. It gives great clouds of vape and I love how you can use your herb in the capsules. I also enjoy the line of accessories you can buy for it, as well as budget-friendly replacement parts. If anyone asks me what one of the best vape units out there, I would say the Mighty. Although it's not the cheapest, if you plan on using it a lot, it's worth every penny.

Jackson W.
United States United States
Buy With Confidence

Amazing! Two weeks in and I am still absolutely blown away. The Mighty rips so hard. My best pal gripped a Miqro and repped it bigtime. I was still all smoked out and happy, tell me again why would I want a vaporizer? Old man wheezing like a rusty gate needed a change. Looked around and for my purposes, all signs pointed to the Mighty, so I pulled the ripcord and there is no going back. No more harsh smoke, raw char, throat and lung burn. The Mighty gives you huuuuuuuuuuge tasty satisfying vapor clouds every time. The simplicity of use is amazing. The design and engineering is fantastic. I purchased the stand but prefer the Mighty without using the stand. I have big hands and it fits my grip perfectly. I use the dosing capsules. They are perfect for portion control and easy cleanup. I bought 3x extra cooling units so I can rip while cleaning and also be able to offer a clean unit to a friend so they can rip the Mighty also. Easy cleanup, iso soak, q tip, rinse, dry, burnoff, good to go, so easy. I prefer the glass mouthpiece to the plastic one. Better pull, feels more smokehound. Planet of the Vapes shreds so hard. Same day shipping, shipping updates every step of the way, informative positive knowledgeable vibes, top shelf! Amazing!

Jaisun K.
Canada Canada
Yes, Mighty

Moving away from bongs, this vape came highly recommended from friends so I gave it a shot. Super impressed. Easy to maintain, heats up quick, and the capsules are perfect for packing portable hits. My flower has never tasted so good. I can't get the same levels of dragon smoke I could get with a bong rip, but still well worth the trade-off.

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