Mighty / Crafty(+) Universal Water Pipe Adapter

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Use your Mighty(+) / Crafty(+) vaporizers with a bubbler

The Mighty/Crafty+ vape Universal Water pipe Adapter (wpa) introduces you to the world of glass and water bubbler filtration! This 3-in-1 glass adapter replaces the mouthpiece and works with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm female connections to fit nearly any glass piece you choose, without any airflow reduction.

Easy to install

Simply remove the cooling unit of your Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer or Crafty+ vaporizer and twist this wpa into its place. That’s it!

If you want a durable, silicone water pipe adapter, check out the Mighty & Crafty+ Water Pipe Adapter from Delta 3D Studios.

Be sure not to twist too much, as this can damage your vaporizer.

Third-party accessory

This product comes from one of our favorite manufacturers of third-party accessories. While it’s not an official brand accessory, this product has been tested by our team of experts for safety, quality, and performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@planetofthevapes.com.

Check out our full line up of Storz & Bickel accessories for dosing capsules, replacement screens, and more!

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United States United States

Works for me

I attached a silicon hose to this and added a glass mouth piece and it works pretty well as a whip attachment. Be mindful to only turn the adapter enough to make a good seal and then stop.

Planet Of The Vapes Mighty / Crafty+ Universal Water Pipe Adapter ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes Mighty / Crafty+ Universal Water Pipe Adapter Review
Aaron B.
United States United States

Cools it down

Very easy to use.

A Planet Of The Vapes Customer
Canada Canada

Love this for making my Mighty smooth vaping

I had avoided using my Mighty as I found it a harsh vape .. then I found out that they make adapters for a bubbler .. so I ordered a rubber adapter that worked great. I loved it, except the cleaning in alcohol degraded the rubber, and the screen kept falling out .. so I found this option. I love that it's glass and can withstand being soaked in alcohol for cleaning. The only comment is that the plastic base doesn't really lock-in, and so it can unwind pretty easily, but I will still use this all the time ... it doesn't deter me from purchasing again if it's needed

Harmander sihraharmander@gmail.com
United States United States

Good, but tough to put on

This is the second water pipe adapter I’ve bought for my Mighty. The first was silicone, which was functional, but it would come off in the water tool unless you held onto it, which was kind of annoying. This one doesn’t have that problem, so I like that, but it does require a lot of force to attach to the Mighty, much more than the silicone one or even more than the stock cooling unit. Besides that, I have no complaints.


Planet Of The Vapes

Please don't force it, Harmander. Here is the disclaimer on our product page" --------------- "Be sure not to twist too much, as this can damage your vaporizer." https://www.planetofthevapes.com/products/mighty-crafty-universal-waterpipe-adapter --------------- Take care, Larry

United States United States

This adapter eventually broke my Mighty and had to be replaced.

I want to be clear this isn't a knock on Planet of the Vapes, their service has always been great. The hard plastic adaptor is the problem and if you use the Mighty upside down into a bubbler the weight of the Mighty on the hard plastic adaptor is the too much. It worked for a few months before a hairline fracture at the juncture below the adaptor appeared. I stopped using the adaptor after that but as the months wore on the crack grew until I could no longer connect the cooling unit. I sent it back to Storz and Bickel and they said the entire case needed replacing. The cost was so **** I bought a new Mighty Plus. If you want a water tool attachment, I'd go with the soft silicone one. I have also had a Volcano Digit since 2008, but since I moved it's no longer advisable to use in my new apartment due to neighbors, different state laws, a 23-page lease, and thin floors. Again, I do not blame POTV; they're excellent.


Planet Of The Vapes

I am so sorry about this, Bopey. I'd like to discuss this a bit further with you. Creating a service ticket for you right now. Talk to you in a bit, Larry