POTV is Taking Action for a More Sustainable Future

POTV is Taking Action for a More Sustainable Future

Doing well by doing good is one of Planet of the Vapes’ top missions, with an emphasis on doing good

Doing well by doing good is one of Planet of the Vapes’ top missions, with an emphasis on doing good. Our success has granted us an important opportunity to do more than just provide users with great deals, but to extend our gratitude and support those in need and the planet as a whole.

A sustainable future for all

Planet of the Vapes’ mission extends beyond just vaporizers. We take great pride in providing customers with worthwhile products and experiences, but we understand that these services come at a price far greater than economic value. Our operations have a significant impact on the environment and it’s important that we hold ourselves accountable with sustainable business practices that benefit you and our planet as a whole, today and for the future.

It’s our responsibility to take action and promote a happier, healthier planet for all.

Offsetting our carbon footprint with carbon-neutral shipping

Starting today, we’re incorporating Planet, a carbon-neutral initiative that works to offset the carbon emissions associated with shipping products around the world, for every single purchase.

This tool will calculate the estimated carbon emissions of every single order. At no cost to you, a portion of each purchase will go towards removing carbon from the atmosphere and supports projects that specialize in carbon removal.

Here are a few of the many companies that you’ll support with every purchase

Running tide builds technologies to map the health of the world's oceans and amplify the natural restorative power of the ocean.

Heirloom leverages the natural power of limestone to remove 1 billion tons of C02 by 2035 with the world’s most cost-effective Direct Air Capture technology.

Grassroots Carbon offers natural, soil-based carbon storage solutions to companies aiming to reduce their carbon impact.

This is only the beginning

This initiative is a big step in the right direction, but it’s only the beginning. This project signifies our pledge and commitment to adopt more earth-friendly practices to give you, our customers, a greater shopping experience while simultaneously pushing for a more sustainable future for all.

Thank you for your support!

Creating a happier, healthier world is important to us and it wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you for your continued support in helping us achieve a better world for all.

The Team at Planet of the Vapes

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