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  • Dry Herbs, Concentrates, or Both at Once!
  • Pure Materials - Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic
  • Beautiful Wood Finish
  • Quick Heat up Time
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 Year Warranty
Regular price CAN$379.95

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Ditanium Vaporizer

Ditanium Vaporizer


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Ditanium Grade 2 Titanium Handpiece


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Who’s the Ditanium vape for?

The Ditanium desktop vape is perfect for at-home vaporizing with the desktop power to drive all of your dry herb and concentrate vaping needs. With a titanium and quartz nail for concentrates, and a glass wand for dry herbs, you can vaporize both at the same time, a rarity in the vaporizer world. If you need a vape with a punch, then this is a great buy!

Strong, potent vapor

The Ditanium brings the power of full convection heating to a massive bowl for dry herbs. The ceramic heating element of this unique desktop vaporizer gets plenty hot to capture the rich terpenes in a thick, punchy rip, without any waste or unpleasant flavors.

Herbs and extracts, at the same time!

Not only does the Ditanium dry herb vaporizer sport full convection heating for dry herbs, it also has an e-nail on top for all your extracts, in a tight, convenient package. Unlike popular choices like the Volcano or Arizer Extreme Q, the Ditanium can vaporize your extracts and dry herbs individually, or all at once for a killer combo! The distance from the e-nail to the dry herb bowl is perfectly calibrated to give you the ideal temperature for concentrates and dry material at the same time.

Easy e-nail cleaning

The Ditanium maximizes ease of use with a simple and easy way to clean, thanks to its huge temperature range. Just turn the temperature control knob  all the way up to four o’clock and watch it burn off.

Quick heat up

The Ditanium heats up to temperature in under a minute, with a self-cleaning feature for the e-nail that climbs all the way up to 900F. Like most vaporizers, hits are stronger with a little more time to soak up the heat on both high and low temperatures.

Whip vape connects to glass

Enjoy hookah style sessions with the Ditanium's silicone whip.. Fill the herb chamber of the wand, and connect it to the vape for superb flavor and vapor you can settle into by yourself, or enjoy with a group of friends. The titanium mouthpiece doubles as a water pipe adapter with a slight taper to pair with any 14mm female connection.

Check out the Titanium Handpiece for a hands-free option and improved performance.

Must have carb cap

Once you've had the carb carp/aromatherapy bowl for the Ditanium desktop vaporizer, you'll consider it essential. When placed on top of the titanium heater cover, it activates the low-temp concentrate sessions, and acts as a boost mode for dry herbs. It's not included in the box, so pick one up when you get the vape.

Pure materials

Pure grade, quality materials keep the taste of your herbs and extracts pure and intact. The titanium and quartz dish with glass housing ensure a safe and efficient heat transfer for a top shelf experience.

Built to last

The Ditanium’s hardwood construction and design keeps everything in a tight package that is stylish and safe to keep on your desk or table. The recessed heating element prevents burns and protects the internals.


Ditanium Vapor offers a two-year warranty on manufacturer defects, and 90 days for the LED light. They do not offer a warranty on glass components. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet of the Vapes, you are covered by a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ditanium Vaporizer Bamboo Box Contents

What's in the box

  • 1 x Ditanium Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Handpiece/Herb Chamber
  • 1 x Silicone Tubing
  • 1 x Titanium Mouthpiece/Adapter
  • 1 x  User Manual
Ditanium Vaporizer Bamboo Technical Spec

Technical specifications

  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Heat up: less than a minute
  • Height: 5.75 in
  • Width and Depth: 4 in
  • Weight: 1lbs 3oz
  • Temperature range: Enail - up to 900F
  • 2 year warranty on manufacturer defects
  • 90 days for LED bulbs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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A Planet of the Vapes Customer

This is THE Vape

As usual, purchasing from POTV is the way to go. The only reason I would go anywhere else is if something is not available here. First off, full disclosure: yes, the customer service, shipping, etc., are all top-notch at this site, but the main reason I purchased this vape here is because of the return policy. (To POTV Customer Service: Sorry, yes, I’m one of those finicky vapers that returns vapes I don’t like. Sorry) I didn’t want to invest basically $300 in a vape that’s going to sit in a cabinet unused with a bunch of my other expensive vapes. So, I waited until it went on sale here and knew I could rely on the return policy. I’m not going to need to return it. This is currently my favorite vape. Though I recognize this is the so-called ‘honeymoon’ phase, and maybe that will change, I doubt that will be the case. If you’d asked me four days ago on which vape you should spend your money, assuming you are—or were—a hardcore smoker, I would have said the Crafty+ or Mighty+, without hesitation, and in terms of a portable vape, I would still recommend it. With that said, gone are my evenings of sitting around with both of those vapes, my water pipe adapter, and my water pipe. I’m using the Ditanium when I can. Cloud production is hands down the best of any vape I’ve tried, though I’ve never personally used a Volcano of any variety. My only other desktop vape is the Plenty and based on the above statement, you can see that I generally use my portables over that particular desktop. The Plenty makes nice clouds, but it requires A LOT of material. This is not true with the Ditanium. Also, I’ve not done any particular experiment to prove this definitively, but I think it more effectively extracts all the relevant components from my material. To put it bluntly: I’ve not taken bubbler hits like this since I quit smoking. This unit also can be left on. For example, after my kids go to bed, I’ll turn it on to my desired temp and then just let it sit. The literature says to wait ten minutes, so I’ve been doing that. Meanwhile, grind your material, load it—I’m still experimenting, but I’m tamping it down now—place it on the unit and hit it. Just take it easy. This also, in my opinion, sort of revives the ritualistic aspect of smoking. I’m not locked into these long sessions with my Crafty and Mighty that take like 10 minutes to fully extract. This is like taking a couple of water tool hits and going. Finally, and this is perhaps the coolest feature of the unit: You can use concentrates and dry herb vape simultaneously. I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for since I’ve quit smoking. With the pros out of the way, here are the things I don’t like about the unit: This one is lame and, in all honesty, only reflects my laziness, but you definitely need to grind your material and stir between hits. I’ve taken to just jamming buds into my Crafty and Mighty without grinding and never mix there, but it seems like a must-do for this unit. With that said, I don’t mind it so much thus far; it’s what I do when I’m holding in my hit. It doesn’t seem like you can easily clean the quartz nail; for example, you can’t jam a Qtip in there. The manufacturer alleges that you can simply heat it up to the highest temp for a few minutes to burn it off, but I’m not convinced that’s a great long-term solution for me. In particular, I dab a lot of freshly pressed rosin, and it seems to have a tendency to burn and char, but perhaps 900°F is sufficient to combust just about anything to completion. Thus far, I’ve only hit it with BHO, and that seems to burn off relatively efficiently. Cleaning the handpiece between sessions could be easier. I think I’m going to start soaking it in alcohol, but I did order the upgraded titanium handpiece, which supposedly eliminates this problem. I’ll review that after I’ve tried it. Other than that, this is a solid vape and is currently, hands down, my favorite unit. I suspect it’s good and warmed up right now!

Jason M.
United States United States

BEST Online Vape Store

Best experience ever. Wonderful company to do business with. Outstanding customer service.

Canada Canada

Ditanium Vap

Easy to use and great smoke. Which i got one sooner !

United States United States

Hits like a Mack Truck!!

This is one of the hardest-hitting cloud-producing vapes I've tried. It's relatively easy to fill (grind and **** into the glass stem) and heats up super hot! The only drawback (for me) is the generic taste of the flower, everything tastes the same to me. All in all, for a powerful hit and subsequent effects, it'll do the trick. Have not tried concentrate through this device, so no comment on the quartz nail functionality.

Justin C.
Canada Canada


I Love smoking and always will but this machine has become my best friend. Medicinal hits for pain, anxiety, depression, life? The Ditanium has you covered. Dabs over flower is probably the nicest hit I’ve ever taken. Very well made and looks amazing on my table. Can’t recommend it enough. I use this every day now. Really good customer service from Planet of the Vapes. Thank you!


Planet of the Vapes

Our pleasure, Justin. Enjoy.....

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