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Vaporizer Store for Dry Herb Enthusiasts

Vaporizer Store for Dry Herb Enthusiasts

Over 7000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Over 7000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
PAX Plus Vaporizer

PAX Plus Vaporizer


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Why do I need a Vaporizer?

You’ve probably heard that vaporizers are healthier than smoking, but there’s more to it than that. Not only will your lungs thank you, but so will your wallet, thanks to vaporizing’s increased efficiency and functionality. Vapor also has a less imposing smell than smoke, and doesn’t invade the space for as long. 
Grab a vaporizer with multiple temperatures and you’ll discover a variety of effects you didn’t know you could dial in. Once you’ve decided to start vaporizing, get ready for a wave of choices and options to consider.

We’ve got you covered!

That’s where we step in. At Planet of the Vapes, we make it easy for you by thoroughly testing as many dry herb and extract vaporizers as we can, to bring you only the best vaporizers that we would use ourselves. We don’t sell everything under the sun—just vapes we love and are worth your time, so you don’t have to wade through all the junk. Because of all that work we put in for you, we can stand behind your purchase with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. We have the expertise, the catalog, and the guarantee, so you can choose a vaporizer with confidence.

Fast-track to the right vape

If you’re just getting started with vaporizers, let’s cover some basics to get you on the right path quickly. In general, there are three types of vaporizers: e-cigs, dry herb vaporizers, and concentrate vaporizers (pen vaporizers). If you’re looking for e-cigs (for liquids), try your google search again—you won't find that here. If you’re looking for a dry herb or concentrate vaporizer, congratulations—it’s all we do!

Instead of destroying your herbs in a cloud of smoke, dry herb vaporizers gently release the herbal essence with a strong and soothing vapor. Vaporizers heat your herbs to temperature settings below the burning point, and the higher the temperature, the more intense the effects.

We should mention extract, or concentrate vaporizers. Concentrates are extracted from dry herbs using heat, pressure and solvents, and can feel anywhere from oily and runny, to hard and brittle. Concentrate vaporizers are amazingly convenient, usually the size of a pen, with denser vapor than you’ll see with most dry herb vaporizers. Oil vapes, or vape pens, use an atomizer to vaporize extracts. Be careful with concentrates, though, if you’re new to vaporizing. Starting out with a concentrate session can be like a double-shot espresso for your first ever coffee!

If you’re primarily vaporizing at home, look over our desktop vaporizers, which have unlimited power and take up more space. Jump straight to connoisseur-level vaporizing, and have fun with options you can’t take with you, like whips, bags and remote controls. The Extreme Q, for example, is a great place start and sample a little bit of everything.

Most of you are going to pick up a portable vaporizer, whether for convenience or travel. Today’s dry herb portables have come a long way and many of them can satisfy even the most demanding vaporists. Try to focus on heat up time, battery life, and vapor quality to match your style, not just the price.


Dig a little deeper

If you’re new to vaporizing and don’t like research, you can grab any of our dry herb vaporizers and know you won’t get a dud. You may need to learn a new routine, but you will get great vapor.  But if you already know your habits, and want to get something that really fits your style, read on.

The best aromatherapy vaporizers are the ones that suit your needs in a specific time and place. Here are some things to consider as you sift through the options.


Airflow - some dry herb vaporizers need a slower hit than others for best performance. If you take slow, short sips, this might be right for you. If you prefer long, strong draws, get something with wide open airflow.

Temperature control - One of the best things about dry herb vaporizing is the different effects from different temperature settings. Vaping isn’t a one-size-fits-all pastime. It’s very customizable!

Heater type - The internet is cluttered with talk about conduction versus convection heating, and the different heating elements. Practically speaking, conduction vaporizers are for sippers and smaller hits, while convection vapes are for huffers, or bigger hits. Hybrid heaters, which combine both heat types, are a great middle ground. They’re easy to use for beginners, but strong enough to satisfy seasoned vaporists.

Grinders - There’s a lot to grinding for a vaporizer, so to start off, go with a medium grind (avoid fine or coarse grinds to start). You’ll go a long way before anything different matters.

Heating chamber - This is the bowl, or where the herbs go. Materials can really make a difference here. Look for glass, ceramic, quartz, or safe metals like stainless steel, titanium and aluminum.

Battery life - When shopping for the best portable vape for your needs, consider battery life. Do you need something to last all night on a single charge? USB chargers are more convenient than traditional barrel-plug chargers. Do you want something with a variable shut-off timer to save battery life?

Price point - While some of my favorite vaporizers are over $300, you can get fantastic options for as little as $100, or even $75 for a flame powered VapCap.

Delivery type - What kind of mouthpiece do you prefer? Flat or round? Bag delivery or whip?

Warranties - Pay attention to the warranty. Vaporizer warranties can range from zero days to ten years, so pay attention!


We’ve got plenty of places for you to start at Planet of the Vapes. Flip through the catalog, read up on our vaporizer reviews, news and tips, or just reach out to us at hello@planetofthevapes.com

We love vapes and want to see you get the right one for you!