Top Rated Vaporizers

Top Rated Vaporizers

💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
DynaVap VapCap M 2019 model
  • Silver (Original)
  • Phantom / Grey (PRE-ORDER)
  • Rosium / Pink (PRE-ORDER)
  • Aurum / Gold (PRE-ORDER)

VapCap M Vaporizer


Top Rated Vaporizers

It’s not easy to get here!

A vaporizer already must pass a battery of tests to make it into the Planet of the Vapes catalog, but to make it onto our Top Rated Vaporizers page, it has to be a hit with our customers as well. Everything we sell has been tested by our team of experts, so we know they’re solid products, and everything in this collection of best rated vaporizers also has top marks across plenty of user reviews to look over. Choose a vaporizer from this page, and relax knowing your vape is among the best of the best.

Portable Vaporizers

Our top portable vaporizers all have one thing in common, great vapor. Beyond that, there’s a lot of variety. Whether you want something pocketable for a concert, or something bigger for around the house, there’s something here for every price range. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple flame-powered vape, or a pricey model with all the latest features, if a vape is on this page, it’s passed our tests and pleased our customers.

Desktops, too

Today’s portable vaporizers are good enough that most people never get a plug-in vape, but they’re missing out. With more power and space at their disposal, desktop vapes can quickly chew through more herbs for incredibly thick and tasty vapor that only the rarest of portables can approach. Our top rated desktop vaporizers will impress, whether you’re vaporizing alone or powering the party.