Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

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Full Convection Heating
Whip and Balloon Compatible
Ceramic Heating Element
Remote Control
Internal 3-Speed Fan

Regular price CAN$399.99 CAN$229.95
You save: CAN$170.04
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Who’s the Arizer XQ2 for?

The Arizer XQ2 dry herb vaporizer is an excellent value for anyone who wants to explore all that vaporizing can offer. Whether you want a balloon system or to hit directly from a whip, the feature set is rich with full digital temperature control, on-board and remote controls, and a pretty cool light show. Made with pure, high-quality materials at a great price, your taste buds and bank account will approve.

Quality vapor

The Arizer XQ2 desktop vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating element, full convection heating with open airflow, and all-glass pieces to provide a pure, tasty vaping experience. If quality vapor is at the top of your priority list, you’re in the right place.

Great value

The XQ2 has many of the same features as the Volcano Hybrid, but for a fraction of the cost! While the original Arizer Extreme Q is still one of the best budget-friendly vaporizers, the XQ2 introduces better components, easier controls, and a wide selection of accessories at a highly competitive price.

Blow up bags or hit the whip

Can’t decide between a direct draw/whip system vape or one that blows bags? Why not one that does both! Just like the Extreme Q dry herb vaporizer, the XQ2 delivers on both fronts with a few key improvements. The new heating chambers have borosilicate glass screens for ultimate purity, and the updated XQ2 bag system comes with a silicone cap to keep your vapors contained.

Fast heat up time

The XQ2 really separates itself from its predecessor with a faster heat up time. The original Extreme Q could take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for a fully soaked oven to be ready. From the time you turn it on, to when it’s session ready, the XQ2 only takes around 5 minutes.

Full of features

On top of its own remote control, the XQ2 also comes with a set of new features. The LED lights communicate a lot, including when the XQ2 is heating up and at set temperature. The XQ2 also comes with two upgraded cyclone bowls dubbed the "glass connoisseur bowls". A large one for massive, cloud ripping hits, and a small one for flavorful microdoses and more control.

Control from across the room

Control your vaporizer from afar with the XQ2’s simpler, programmable remote control. This remote comes with everything you need to start and end a session from across the room, with an easy-to-digest control scheme and layout. Turn your vape on/off, set your temperature, and enable fan-assisted hits without ever touching your vaporizer. All three temperature settings can be custom programmed to your favorite temperatures.

Fun with lights!

The Arizer XQ2 vape comes with a spectrum of LED lights that serve multiple purposes. Toggle one of eight individual color options, or switch it to Spectrum Mode for a colorway that changes color every two seconds. Dynamic Mode allows your XQ2 to communicate with you through each color palette.

Here’s what each light pattern means:

Pulses from Yellow to Orange - Heating
Blinks Green twice- Reached Set Temperature
Pulses orange - Temperature is stable
Pulses purple - Fan is enabled
Pulses cyan - Cooling down
Pulses blue - Cooling down with fan

Familiar, stylish design

The XQ2 vaporizer has a conical/silo shape, with the loading chamber located at the top and the electronics at the bottom, similar to the original Extreme Q. Despite the plethora of features included, the XQ2 takes up very little space, and fits in well with other household appliances.

If you're in the market for a more portable Arizer vape, check out the Arizer Solo 2, the Arizer Air, or the ArGo.


The Arizer XQ2 vaporizer comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating element (glass mouthpieces and other glass parts not included). As with all desktop and portable vaporizers purchased from Planet of the Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

XQ2 Vaporizer by Arizer with box contents

What's in the box

1pc. Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer
1pc. Power Adapter Charger
1pc. XQ2 Remote Control
1pc. Glass Cloud Chamber
1pc. Glass Flavor Chamber
2pc. Tuff BowlGrips
1pc. Glass Aromatherapy Dish
1pc. 3” Silicone Whip 
1pc. Glass Mini Whip Attachment
1pc. Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
1pc. Balloon Connector
2pc. Balloon Bags
1pc. Balloon Cap
1pc. Airpath Filter Cartridge
1pc. Stainless Steel Stir Tool
1pc. Dome Screen
1pc. Flat Screen
1pc. Aromatic Botanicals
1pc. Owner’s Manual

XQ2 Vaporizer by Arizer along with remote Specs

Technical specifications

Height: 6.78 in / 16.2cm
Diameter: 6.23 in / 16cm
Weight: 1lb 1.6oz / 500g
Temperature range:122°F – 500° F (50° C – 260° C) 
Three-year warranty
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Incredible Value

(TLDR) Shipping was fast and this was another great POTV experience. XQ2 is my first tabletop so I was a little lost with all the pieces but I found a video on YouTube that gave a good walkthrough. I have other Arizer products and this is definitely better suited for larger or longer sessions. Buy it! *Details below* Nice design and user friendly operation. Relatively lightweight but it feels sturdy. There are lots of glass pieces so keep that in mind when handling the parts and whip especially. Overall another solid Arizer product. Does not occupy a lot of space without whip or balloon. Base is about the width of a cereal bowl. The attachments take up more space than the actual unit. I’ve seen reviews about no vapor production which is probably due to the way the connoisseur bowls are used and heating time. Flip it one way and you have a huge herb chamber closer to heat. Flip it the other way and you have a smaller chamber, much farther from the heat source. This is why you really have to let the XQ2 heat up for about 5 minutes or bump the temperature up a little. If you use the end with the bigger chamber then your vapor will be dense. I was frustrated with light vapor until I flipped it to use the larger chamber. Game changer and way too much for a personal session. I went to sleep not long after. *Note the built-in filters on the bowls are kind of large so avoid fine grinds or use the screens.

Jordan M.
United States United States

Outstanding product for an even better deal

This deal is hard to beat with the price being so low and the addition of the 15-dollar gift card and vacuum-sealed container. I used to buy my vapes directly from Arizer, but man, customer service on here is just as good as Arizer, and that's saying a lot! Both are speedy and excellent, and if anything comes broken, they will alleviate the problem. I trust POTV for all my vaping needs 100%. If you're trying to get the Arizer XQ2, get it here!

Tristan E.
United States United States

Amazing service

Bought the arizer xq2 for 50 dollars cheaper than I could find anywhere else. That includes Arizers actual site. Got after 7 days of order and the shipping was free. Definitely will recommend this site for any vaporizer needs.

Mike b.
United States United States


This works as advertised. Got it today. Was vaping 15 min after opening the box and there was SO MUCH VAPOR. Works great

United States United States

This is my Game Changer

I am new to the vaping world, so I don’t have anything to compare to but this has been a game changer for me. Easy to setup and use almost straight out of the box. Very user friendly. I had to google how to change the device to Fahrenheit and how to program the presets. This was not included in the instruction manual, but very easy to find/do. My material is lasting so much longer than combustion. I am easily pulling 4+ bags off 1/4 tsp scoop. Great 9/10 first timer experience.

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