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  • Instant Convection Heating
  • 3 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Quick Charging (45 min.)
  • Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path
  • 2 Year Warranty
Regular price CAN$324.95
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Who's the Firefly 2+ for?

The Firefly 2+ dry herb vaporizer is a flavor connoisseur's vape. There's a bit of a learning curve before you get the best results, but when you master this ultra-portable, on-demand convection gem, it delivers some of the best tasting vapor we've come across.

What’s new?

Compared to the Firefly 2, the new Firefly 2 Plus has 33% more air flow, and the heat profiles have been tweaked to make up for the difference. The hits are bigger and easier to take in, all with the same great taste. The only visible difference is the new logo that shines through a larger window on the lid.

Instant convection

With on-demand, dynamic convection heating, the Firefly 2+ portable vaporizer is always ready for vaping in three seconds. Without the long heat-up times normally associated with convection vaporizers, you’re ready for great vapor, any time.

Signature Firefly Vapor: Unbeatable flavor

The Firefly 2+’s borosilicate glass chamber and air path shows off clear, amazing flavor from your herbal blends. Combined with the instant convection heating, the vapor quality from your herbal terpenes taste great from the start of your session, all the way through to the end.

Personalized temperature control

Out of the box, the Firefly 2 plus goes from room temperature to 400F in no time. You can pick a custom temperature from its vast temperature range with the smartphone app in ten degree increments from 200F, all the way up to 500F, so make room for your concentrates!

(Smartphone app only available for Android users. iPhone users read here)

Innovative design

Vaporizing with Firefly 2+ is extremely easy, with two touch sensors on either side that activate the heater and toggle the temperature settings. There’s no off switch, the Firefly will go to sleep when you aren’t touching the sensors. This latest version comes in at 33% smaller and 55% lighter than the original Firefly, and sports an aerospace grade, magnesium alloy shell and magnetic lid, and removable mouthpiece.

Quick charge battery

Battery life varies between users, but you can expect at least six bowls per charge. Fully charged in about 45 minutes (up to 80% in about 20 min.), The Firefly 2+ comes with a USB 3.0 charging cradle and one user-replaceable battery. The battery must be in the unit to charge but an external charger is available separately.


The Firefly 2+ comes with a two year limited warranty against defects. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet Of The Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Essential Cleaning Tip

Do not swab the silicone gasket with the alcohol swabs while cleaning the Firefly 2+

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charging Dock
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Cleaning Kit
  • 3 Concentrate Pads
Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Technical Spec

Technical specifications

  • Replaceable 7.4V Li-Ion Battery
  • Height 5.1 in / 13 cm
  • Width 1.4 in / 3.6 cm
  • Depth 0.95 in / 2.4 cm
  • 4.9 oz / 140 g
  • 340° F - 500° F (171° C - 260° C) Six Settings
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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United States United States

Screen for bowl is needed.

I have had this newer model Firefly for over two years. It is difficult to get the right grind on flower such that it vapes evenly through the bowl throughout your session. I don’t know how they get that gauge on the grind—I use a manual grinder, which isn’t correct and results in frequent bowl stirs, which results in flower spills, which results in the need for a screen over the bowl to prevent vaped, small fiber flower sipped into your mouth. This vaporizer is also a cleaning task. Resin will build-up in several areas unless you assiduously and regularly clean your bowl (I use cotton swabs and light alcohol) after each sesh. I like my other desktop vaporizers and the Pax 3, over this product.

United States United States

Firefly is unable to service this product!

POTV was great! Buyer beware, however. Firefly cannot service this product, and if you have an issue, you are on your own. We had a glass break inside the bowl (which ironically is not covered by the warranty), and Firefly does not have parts to repair it. They were unwilling to offer a replacement or even a discount for me to purchase a new one. I really do love the Firefly2+. Such a great experience and flavor profile, but not being able or willing to service broken units is a major flaw. We only owned it for three months. POTV offered a good faith discount which we used to purchase a new vape from a different manufacturer.

Canada Canada

Not a good product...

I purchased a Firefly 2+ at the beginning of July. I’ve used an Arizer Solo for the past 7 years and been happy with it, but when the battery died, I felt like maybe I would see what else the market had to offer. I saw lots of good reviews of the Firefly product, and even though it was more expensive than some other options, I thought the Firefly looked like a nice design so I took a chance and ordered one. The unit arrived and looked great when I opened the box. I was excited to use it. I gave it a charge up and reviewed the instructions. I loaded it up with herb and gave it a try. Well, I didn’t really get any vapour out of it. Assuming that I was doing something wrong, I watched and read more info on how to use it and tried again, and again and again… In 8 weeks of multiple daily attempts to get a good session with the unit, I have never felt like I’ve got a single good ‘hit’ off it. I’m not sure if there is a fault with my unit, but it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s packed tightly or loosely, or what I have the temperature set at, or how hard or soft I draw on it - never had a single haul of decent vapour. I would have continued to assume that it’s user error, however, once in every 10-12 draws on the unit, it actually combusts the herb and I get a mouthful of smoke… not vapour. I’ve seen a few other people talk about this problem online, but it seems isolated to a rare occasion. I can get mine to combust (even set at one of the lowest temp settings) just about every time I try to use it. To top things off, I decided to give it one last try before giving up and getting something that works better. I took it out with me for a walk. When I pulled it out of my pocket to use it, the mouthpiece had fallen out and gotten lost. The fact the mouthpiece is just a plastic pressure fit piece makes this a likely scenario, I guess. Anyway, now the unit REALLY doesn’t work at all without the mouthpiece. Now it’s just a $350 paperweight… Frustrated with the Firefly, I went and ordered a new Arizer Solo, which just arrived. I’m happy to say that I can once again get a decent hit of vapour without fear of a mouthful of harsh smoke… Anyway, I feel like either the unit I got is faulty (doesn’t heat up to proper temperature to create vapour, but definitely will combust the **** even at the lowest temp settings) or it’s possibly just a bad design overall. I tried to contact Firefly to discuss the issue with them and they just sent me the same tutorial information that is on their website. One other comment regarding design. Having the lid and the body as 2 separate pieces, and then needing to regularly open the unit to ‘stir’ the bud around in there is a really poor user experience. Even a light breeze and your **** is blowing all over the ground and/or stuck to the sticky glass surface. It’s messy after a single use and incredibly inconvenient. This feels like a product that was a good idea on paper, but in reality it just doesn’t work well. And for almost twice the price of the Arizer, I was really expecting a much better experience. 

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for here, but I wanted to let you know that I am displeased with your product and feel like I have a possible faulty unit. Unfortunately, 8 weeks have passed since I bought it while I've been trying to figure out how to get it to work.


Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Jonathan, Creating a service ticket for you right now to see what we can do here. Talk to you in a bit, Larry

Darryl B.
United States United States


Nice on demand vape. Learning curve wasn't to bad. If your having issues using, watch some reviews just don't give up the reward is great. I had problems with flower escaping the bowl when taking a draw, I fixed that problem by covering flower with a Sticky Brick mesh screen that can be purchased from POTV. SEE PICTURE

Planet Of The Vapes Firefly 2+ Vaporizer ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Review
Jason L.
United States United States

It's a great vape

I think this is a 4.5 star vape due to the learning curve that I had before I dialed in how to get the best draws. It is the best tasting vape I've used (I compare to a p80, dynavap, Anvil, elev8r, heater with whip types). The flavor is really incredible when you can get it right and a game changer for me. The other things that make this a great device is that it's on demand and that it's a truly dual use vape. It handles flower and concentrates equally well imo. Unfortunately it seems based on reviews here that there's some qc issues and along with the finicky learning curve makes this a difficult vape for some but if you're someone who values flavor and doesn't mind fiddling a bit it's a great vape.

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