Ditanium Vaporizer Review

Ditanium Vaporizer Review: Vape That Packs a Punch

Whether you vaporize dry herbs or concentrates, the Ditanium vaporizer is ready to rumble.

Whether you vaporize dry herbs or concentrates, the Ditanium vaporizer is ready to rumble. And best of all, you can do both at the same time! We gave the Ditanium vaporizer a full review, and found a lot of punch for your buck.

Big, tasty hits

The Ditanium is made here in the USA, and is one of the heaviest hitting vapes in my vast collection. Even with just dry herbs, there’s something punchy about this convection vape. The payload is placed in the glass wand portion of the whip, and only cooks when in position to hit. In between draws, away from the heat, the herbs gently cool, preserving taste and potency for later. With nothing but quartz, glass, grade 2 titanium and stainless steel in the vapor path, your herbs will taste strong and fresh, nothing added. If you need something stronger than dry herbs, like a concentrate session, the Ditanium’s built in quartz nail can do it all day long. As we’ll get into later, you can do both at once for a ridiculous ride!

Safe, solid construction

We already talked about the pure grade materials in the vapor path, but the Ditanium vaporizer’s durable design also gives easy access to the working parts, while the hot parts are safely tucked inside the wood box. The vapor exits from a titanium adapter that sticks out from a notch in one of the corners. You can still burn yourself on the hot metal parts, but not likely by accident.

Ditanium Vaporizer Review Safe Solid Construction

Dry herbs, concentrates, or both at once!

This is where it gets fun! A lot of home dry herb vaporizers come with accessories to vaporize concentrates, but the sessions are long and wispy. The Ditanium desktop vape can deliver true concentrate session hits, while still crushing it with dry herbs. The temperature knob turns on at six o’clock, and hits max temperature at four o’clock - one control for all three modes. I usually vape dry herbs between noon and three on the dial, and sometimes finish off a bowl at max temp. For concentrates, I like to stay between eleven and one. Low temp sessions are best between eleven and noon, and with the carb cap. Above one on the dial, and concentrates vape hot and quick, with not much need for the carb cap. That leaves a sweet spot between eleven and one for that signature Ditanium vapor - concentrates and dry herbs at the same time! Set to eleven, concentrate & flower hits are so tasty. Turn it up to one, and this same combo will knock you out. I can count on one hand the number of vapes that can pull this off well.

Five minute heat up time

The Ditanium’s ceramic heating element reaches temperature in 30 seconds, but the quartz and titanium heater covers need up to five minutes to catch up. Once up to temperature, though, it can stay there during the strongest rips, so you won’t thin out the vapor. For the most part, this is the kind of vape an all-day user will have on constantly, always ready to deliver.

Whip options

The Ditanium whip consists of three parts, the glass handpiece that holds the herbs, the silicone tubing, and the titanium mouthpiece. The hands-free glass wand will feel familiar to anyone who has used a whip vape before. It holds up to 0.3 grams of herbs without a drop in performance, and the back end stays cool to the touch. The titanium mouthpiece adds a touch of class, and tapers to fit any 14mm female glass connection for all you water pipe fans. The optional titanium handpiece is unique and, after a while, I really warmed up to it. I like to use it for lighter payloads (0.1 grams was my ideal size), since it has a smaller bowl and the herbs are closer to the hot air nozzle. Ditanium offers a glass handle for the titanium wand, to keep you from burning yourself, but I found the handle to be cumbersome. It slides over the silicone whip and titanium, but doesn’t make a solid connection, so the titanium bowl regularly comes loose, creating an unwanted hazard as it heats up. At the end of the day, I found the titanium wand unnecessary unless I wanted to microdose, and then I used it without the glass heater cover. The included glass wand will get it done for most people.

Ditanium Vaporizer Review Whip

Full analog temperature control

The Ditanium can reach temperatures of 900° F (~480° C), which is two to three times what we need for dry herbs, so an explanation is in order. The max temperature is measured at the concentrate dish, which is always considerably hotter than the air hitting your dry herbs, and should only be used to clean the quartz nail. The analog temperature dial hits a wide range of temperatures for different needs. Keep it below eleven on the dial for aromatherapy with the carb cap. Dry herbs start to vaporize around 10:30, and can be vaped at max temperature without burning. Concentrates are good starting at 10:30 as well, but anything above two o’clock will quickly destroy all the taste. The normal sweet spot for concentrates and flowers at the same time is somewhere around noon. When it’s time to auto-clean the quartz nail, set it to max temp and watch the residues quickly burn off.

Get the carb cap

I consider the carb cap an essential accessory for the Ditanium. It’s required for low temp concentrate sessions, and even doubles as an aromatherapy cup for your essential extracts. When you’re done with a session, turn the temperature down, pour your favorite extract in the top and set it on the Ditanium to reset the mood. The carb cap also comes in handy when I want to finish off a bowl. Instead of upping the temperature and waiting for it to stabilize, I can put the carb cap on top and it acts like an instant boost mode. Since the Ditanium doesn’t come with a stir tool, the butt end of the carb cap can be used to tamp down a load of dry herbs. Grab a carb cap at purchase and save yourself the trouble of ordering it later.

 Ditanium Vaporizer Review Carb Cap

Some quirks

No vaporizer is perfect, and here’s what I didn’t like about the Ditanium. The quartz dish’s trench is too narrow to clean with normal cotton swabs, let alone the bigger ones made for vaping. The auto-cleaning mode makes up for this, but purists will still miss the benefits of swabbing after each concentrate session. The output nozzle is horizontally oriented, and the herbs in the bowl tend to slide down if you don’t tamp them down first. Keep an eye on this, or you’ll have to stir a lot more. Most concentrate sessions will benefit from the carb cap, and every bowl of dry herbs does better with a stir. Yet the Ditanium doesn’t include a stir tool or a carb cap. Make sure to add about $30 to the price of whichever Ditanium you choose for both of these items.


Ditanium covers any workmanship and defect issues for two years, with 90 days for the LED light bulbs. Like all of our products, the Ditanium vaporizer is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box

  • Ditanium vaporizer
  • Glass wand
  • Silicone hose
  • 14mm tapered titanium mouthpiece

Ditanium Vaporizer Review What's in the Box

For best results

We’re almost done with our Tips and Tricks article - look for it soon. We’ve got quite a few tips in there for you.

Easy maintenance

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide is coming soon, but until then, make sure to empty out the bowl after it’s spent. Too often I set it down and forget, only to later find the herbs stuck in place. It also gets the screens dirty a lot quicker. When you’re done, just blow it into the garbage, and brush out the bowl.

Who is the Ditanium vape for?

If you’re looking for stronger sessions that only concentrates and flowers together can bring, the Ditanium has to be at the top of your list. The other options are hot, exposed metal nails that are too easy to get burned by. But the Ditanium isn’t just beastly. It’s also a work of art. From the gentle titanium curves, to the bamboo grains, to the mood lighting underneath, the Ditanium was meant for looks.

 Ditanium Vaporizer Review

Who is the Ditanium vape not for?

This vape isn’t portable, and it needs a little room. The actual footprint is fairly small, but the pieces need a place to lie, and sometimes they’re hot. The base of the Ditanium is four inches square, but I’d estimate the whip and extra accessories could take up a square foot of desk space. Ditanium concentrate sessions are great, but the concentrate temperature spectrum is fairly small. This won’t replace a traditional e-nail or banger for heavy concentrate users.

Our take

We’re excited to add the Ditanium to our catalog. High quality desktop vaporizers are rare these days, and the Ditanium fills a void. It’s a step up from the Arizer’s Extreme Q in terms of potency, not as refined as the Volcano, and appropriately priced. Concentrates over herbs is the icing on the cake. It’s been on the market for a couple years, so a lot of the kinks have been worked out. If it’s time for a potent vaporizer, give this one a long look.

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