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What is a Bubbler Straw?

With a traditional bubbler, you also need a water pipe adapter (WPA) in order to use it with your vaporizer. This handy, portable bubbler does away with that requirement, presenting an all-in-one water filtration system for your Storz & Bickel portable vaporizer.

Why filter your vapor through water?

Passing vapor through water prior to it reaching your lips brings three main benefits. Firstly, it cools the vapor, and cooler vapor is more comfortable vapor.

Secondly, it filters out any stay pieces of herb that may have made their way out of the oven. Removing these micro herbs will result in smoother, more palatable vapor.

Thirdly, it’ll add a little humidity to the vapor. Vapor that’s come directly from the vape is dry because of the heat that air has been subjected to. Filtering it through water will help to bring its humidity back to that of the environment you’re vaping in, and lead to… You guessed it! More comfortable draws.


The Mighty/Crafty bubbler attachment provides water conditioned vapor in a clever design that takes your session to the next level. This stem is made from durable borosilicate glass and replaces the cooling unit and mouthpiece of your Mighty or Crafty. Simply twist and lock the stem on top of the oven and you’re good to go! Also compatible with the Crafty+.

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How to fill an on-the-vape bubbler


  • Be sure not to twist too much, as this can damage your vaporizer.
  • Do not overfill the bubbler - a few drops is enough!

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Galen H.
Canada Canada

Awesome bubbler

This is an amazing accessory for an already amazing product

Canada Canada


Worked well. Broke within 2 days


Planet of the Vapes

Creating a service ticket for you right now, Tyler. Please let me know there how you think this may have happened. Talk to you in a bit, Larry

Troy G.
Canada Canada

Mighty bubbler review

A great addition to the Mighty BUT it is very delicate. Ya, I know glass usually is but I’ve gone thru 3 in 3 months and with its cost, I won’t be purchasing anymore. Note I was extremely careful but **** happens.

Canada Canada

Good, but be careful

After some experimentation using my 8 year old Mighty, this works reasonably well to “mellow the smoke” and make it milder. But be careful to dry off the screen end before using. Twice I’ve had water from the attachment run down into the hot Mighty and steam things up as well as get the herb wet. Some potential for damage to the vape if you’re not careful.

Canada Canada

Kinda useless

So first off, definitely heed the warning about tightening this thing. Honestly, it barely fits. Like about an eighth of the lip fits before it starts prying apart the actual body of the Mighty. There is a disclaimer so make sure you adhere to that. With the ill-fitting adapter, I don’t think it seals correctly. Letting in a slight amount of air. Enough to notice. Second, it’s a ****** design. Once the water is in it, it’s in there. Not sure how they expect you to be able to change the water. I’ve had mine a week, and I only use one dosing cap per day, and the bubbler is already starting to get dirty. That would be fine except that there is no way to change the water. Lastly, it’s fricking pointless. I got it in hopes that it would cool down the vapour. I find the vapour gets harsh. This does nothing. I don’t know how they expect it to cool down anything with a thimble full of water. And once that water starts to brown, it’s going to be super gross. I honestly wish I hadn’t put any water in it. I would have used it as a long, glass mouthpiece. That might have been ok. Not being able to drain the water is a huge downfall. Definitely not worth the 30 bucks I spent.


Planet of the Vapes

Hi Frank, I see that you have been working with Mike, one of our vape experts here, and that he provided a solution to you. I hope it helped. I'll repost that solution up here so that others can benefit from it as well: ---------------------- Start by removing them from the accessory attachment, then hold them over the sink and blow gently to expel the water. Pour in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, let it settle into the bubbler, then shake it to clean out the inside. Once it looks clean, run plenty of water through it, and blow through the top to flush it until there’s no alcohol smell left, then let it dry. A hairdryer to the bubbler may help with the drying process. ---------------------------------------- With best regards, Larry