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Mighty Vaporizer Review

Sitting down for a session with the Mighty isn’t just easy, it’s a joy, and one of the best portable vapes...

Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Vaporizer is nothing short of legendary in the herbal vape world. The younger, more portable Mighty takes desktop quality vapor into a handheld package about the size of a Gameboy.

The upshot is that it boasts a longer battery life than you’ll see on more compact vaporizers, and produces some of the best vapor available with wide open airflow on the draw. 

Storz & Bickel offers a simple, refined experience in the Mighty. So refined you might give up your desktop. 

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Who’s the Mighty for?

The Mighty is perfectly suited for experienced users looking for a premium vaping experience that moves with them, or those looking for the best quality vapor with zero learning curve. Its CAD$400 price point sits at the high end for the category, but it will happily cut the cord on that old desktop vape, without sacrificing anything where it counts.

Who isn’t the mighty for?

The Mighty vaporizer simply isn’t as portable or discrete as the Crafty, PAX 3 or Firefly. If you truly need a pocket sized vape I’d take a look at these instead of the Mighty. The Mighty will take up your entire pocket, rather than sharing it with your keys.

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Mighty Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Big clouds

The cooling unit up top keeps the vapor smooth, chilled, and palatable at even the highest temperatures. With little to no draw residence, you can take wide open pulls as deep and as quick as you like kicking out thick, tasty clouds. Even hardened vape enthusiasts will be impressed by the Mighty's power and efficiency, a trademark of the German Storz & Bickel brand.

Flavorful vapor

Leave it below 370° F (187°-188° C), and you’ll taste the Mighty’s finesse. Instead of producing thick clouds, it delivers quiet strands of flavorful vapor. It’s the perfect option for relaxed, drawn-out sessions with your more flavorful herbs. In my opinion it matches the Firefly in terms of pure flavor, with the ability to dial the temperature in right on the unit and no special technique required to have a perfect session every time.

No need to stir

At 390° F (199° C) and up the Mighty will efficiently tear through an entire oven in a dozen deep draws, and does so without needing a stir in the middle like most vapes do. The Mighty's excellent heat isolation means convection is the dominant heating force, which cools quickly and tastes amazing, even with the heat all the way up. It's all too easy to just sit back and take down an entire oven, if you aren't careful.

Leave the charger at home

The Mighty's large size comes from the dual, built-in 18650 batteries delivering about 90 minutes of battery life. This extra power makes it's capable of taking down eight or more full ovens in a single charge, plenty for an evening out, or a few days hanging out at home.

It charges quickly enough, going from almost empty to completely charged in less than two hours, using a standard round power plug, rather than USB.  The Mighty also lets you take advantage of pass-through charging so you can plug it in and vape even if the battery is completely dead.

Mighty Vaporizer Loader Grinder - Planet of the Vapes

Easy to load

Loading some portable vapes without a funnel can be tricky, so Storz & Bickel includes a handy container that clamps on top, with a hole in the bottom for easy refilling. I was able to refill the Mighty without any help, even while on the move. 

Unfortunately, the Mighty doesn’t stand up firmly on its own to make the loading process error proof. You’ll still need an extra hand to hold it upright, or an aftermarket stand, to make sure it doesn’t topple.

Mighty Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Simple controls, no app

In a market filled with apps and button sequences you need to remember, the Mighty's approach is refreshingly simple. Temperature and battery life are always visible, and all it takes to change the heat is a button press. 

Many of the Mighty’s competitors, including the Crafty, have added Bluetooth to control their device. The Mighty needs none of that, and is better off for it. It just works.

Mighty Vaporizer Oven - Planet of the Vapes

Heats up quick

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, it reaches 400° F (204° C) in just over a minute with a full charge on the battery. As the charge drops, that time can grow a bit longer, so it’s worth keeping the Mighty juiced up at home. 

Mighty Vaporizer Packing Tool - Planet of the Vapes

Included accessories

If you want to use something a little gooier, the Mighty includes a round liquid pad that fits neatly into the oven. It can also take up extra space in the oven if you don’t have enough herb on hand for a full load. Alongside it are some spare screens and rings in case yours get too grubby.

Finally, since the Mighty doesn’t really NEED stirring, there are small dosing capsules that can be pre-filled and loaded into the oven. The Mighty includes one, and a magazine with eight extras is available as well.

What's In The Box?

Power Adapter
Liquid Pad
Dosing Capsule
Spare Screens
Cleaning Brush
Herb Grinder
Filling Tool
Spare Seal Rings

Mighty Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Not pocket size

At 5.5 inches tall, the Mighty is half an inch shorter than a 16 ounce tallboy can. Add to that its 3.5 inch width, and it’s basically the same size as a two stacked smartphones.

It fits in most hands comfortably, however, and the ridges that run along the chassis means it’s unlikely to slip. Even if it did, the heavy black plastic can take a beating and keep vaping. Trust me.  And high quality materials in the airpath mean that the only thing that you're tasting in your vapor are your herbs.

Size Specs

Height 5.5 in / 14 cm
Width 3.2 in / 8 cm
Depth 1.2 in / 3 cm
Weight .5 lbs / 230 g

Mighty Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Stays cool

The fins that run up the side of the Mighty act as heat spreaders, so even after a long session, the unit isn’t hot to the touch. In fact, even the plastic near the oven, underneath the removable mouthpiece, is cool seconds after turning it off, a nice feature that other compact vaporizers can’t claim. It may not seem like much, but it was nice to be able to load an oven right after finishing the previous.

Mighty Stand By NENMAYK & STASH - Planet of the Vapes

Stands and extras

The Mighty can stand up on its own, albeit not in a very sturdy way, with the stir and tamp tool installed in reverse. For those who want a bit more stability, we have two small run stands from Nenmayk & Stash that fit snugly to the bottom of the Mighty and add a bit of style and a whole bunch of function.

Storz & Bickel also has a few dosing capsule accessories available making reloading on the go easy. There is a dosing capsule caddy for dry herbs, a capsule caddy for liquids and wax, and an 8 dosing capsule magazine.  You can also get 40 backup capsules so you don't have to worry about cleaning.

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One more draw

There’s a lot to like about the Mighty vaporizer. It’s dead simple to use, easy to maintain, and is capable of producing flavorful, abundant vapor. If anything, it’s easily capable of sneaking up on even advanced users. With such clean, flavorful vapor production, you may find yourself reaching for one too many puffs.

Written by

brad bourque

Brad is a writer and tech nerd from Portland, Oregon, with a fondness for video games, craft beer, and the Portland Timbers.

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