Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

If your Mighty isn’t tasting so fresh, our cleaning and maintenance guide will help you set that right.

Not only does a clean vaporizer taste better, but you may find that your Mighty is more efficient after a little TLC. A little maintenance after each session can help keep the grime from piling up, but after a little while, you’ll need to perform a deeper clean. Luckily, Storz & Bickel have designed the Mighty in a way that makes cleaning a snap, and our handy guide will walk you through it, step by step.

How often should you clean the Mighty?

Your Mighty doesn’t need cleaning all that often, and it’s often up to your personal standards. If you find the airflow is starting to get restrictive, or the upper screen doesn’t clean off with a light brushing, it might be time for a full cleaning.

Cleaning supplies

Before you get started, gather together some simple supplies to help clean your Mighty vape. You’ll need isopropyl alcohol, preferably 91 percent or higher, cotton swabs, and a glass jar or cup.

Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Removing the lid

Taking apart the Mighty

Start by removing the cooling unit from the top of the Mighty. Rotate the mouthpiece back and forth and gently pull it away from the cooling until it pops loose, then use the multi-tool to remove the tiny blue o-ring. Slide the cap lock -- the bit with the hologram -- away from the mouthpiece, pull it up and off, and set it aside. You don’t need to clean it, and doing so will discolor the detailing. Separate the bottom and top halves of the cooling unit by pushing down on the button right next to where the cap lock would sit. If it doesn’t budge, turn the Mighty up to high, let it heat up, then take several slow draws to loosen it up. Once separated, use the multi-tool to carefully remove the blue rings and screen from the lower half.

Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

What should you clean?

Except for the cap lock, all of the cooling unit pieces can soak in the isopropyl alcohol for up to 10 minutes. After that long, pull the parts from the isopropyl alcohol and rinse them well with hot water. You can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to scrub at any stubborn spots, making sure to rinse again after, and let all the parts dry completely.

Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Cleaning the oven

The oven shouldn’t need much cleaning if you’ve been clearing it after each session. Turn the Mighty upside down, then take a cotton swab damp with isopropyl to swab it out, ensuring no liquid drips down into the heating element, which could damage the vaporizer. The oven and bottom screen stay fairly clean, in our experience, and removing the bottom screen is likely to damage it.

Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance Guide - Cleaning the oven

Burnoff for safety

After you’ve dried and reassembled the cooling unit, and the oven has dried on its own for a bit, it’s time to run a burnoff cycle to clear away any remaining alcohol. Turn the Mighty on and crank the temperature all the way up, then let it run until you don’t smell anymore alcohol. Let it cool down for a few minutes, and you’re ready to go.

How to keep your Mighty clean

Ultimately, you’ll save a lot of time deep cleaning your Mighty vaporizer if you take a minute after each session to clean out the oven and cooling unit. The included brush is perfect for quickly swiping everything down, and in particular the screen on the underside of the cooling unit, where it meets the oven, should be cleaned often.

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