Maximize your Mighty with our Tips and Tricks

Maximize your Mighty with our Tips and Tricks

Make the most from your Storz & Bickel Mighty with our collection of tips and tricks.

One of the Mighty vaporizer’s best qualities is its ease of use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few ways to improve the experience. Our Mighty tips and tricks are the perfect solution for helping you master your new favorite vaporizer.

Very fine grind

Your best bet for efficient, full extraction is a very fine grind. The included orange plastic grinder might not look too fancy, but it produces perfectly ground herb for the Mighty vape. It should take less than 30 seconds until the grinder turns with little resistance, and it’s time to tap it out. The included product card makes a great funnel, and you can dump your ground herb into the included filling tool for an easy fill-up.

Mighty Tips and Tricks Grinder

Pack loading tool ahead of time

With the bottom section of the filling tool screwed on, and the clear plug in the center, unscrew the top lid, and pour your ground herb into the circular outer channel. You can screw the upper lid back on and take the filling tool with you. When you’re ready to load the Mighty, just unscrew the bottom, twist it onto the Mighty’s oven, and scoop it in until it’s level with the bottom of the filling tool.

Mighty Tips and Tricks - Loading Tool


The little orange packing tool that lives in the bottom of the Mighty has several uses. You can use the skinny end to stir your oven if you aren’t satisfied with the cook on it, and use the flat end to tamp it back down when you’re done. If you turn it 180 degrees and re-insert it into the Mighty, it also works as a makeshift stand, albeit not a super stable one.

Mighty Tips and Tricks Multi Tool

Dosing capsules

The Mighty includes one dosing capsule, and in addition to letting you bring an extra load along in your pocket, it also keeps your oven clean by keeping the herb off the inside of your oven. If you only use the dosing capsules, you can keep your oven looking brand new indefinitely. The dosing capsules are also a bit more forgiving when it comes to herb consistency, so even unground chunks will vape well inside it.

If you find yourself using the included capsule a lot, you can buy a set of four capsules in a keychain, eight in a holster, or 40 in a filling tray.

Mighty Tips and Tricks - Dosing Capsules

Solid concentrate pad

If you aren’t feeling up to taking down a full oven, you can use the included concentrate pad to fill up the rest of the space. Simply pack a small amount of herb into the bottom of the oven, then set the pad on top. As long as the herb is spread evenly across the width of the bowl, so the air has to pass through it, and not around it, you’re good to go.

Mighty Vaporizer Tips and Tricks - Liquid Pad

Shut-off timer

The Mighty will shut off on its own after a few minutes, just in case you forget about it. The Mighty will buzz, and the screen will flash, before it actually turns off. To reset the timer, turn the temperature up or down one degree, then turn it back to your desired setting.

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