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Volcano Glass Adapter

This product is compatible with: Volcano Classic Vaporizer, Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter, Cleaning Brush Set by Storz & Bickel

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  • POTV Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler POTV Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler
  • Original POTV Glass Curved Mini Bubbler
  • Black POTV Bent Glass Mouthpiece
  • Original POTV Water Pipe Adapter
  • Clear POTV Globe Glass
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Volcano Classic Vaporizer



Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer



  • Made specifically for Volcano Vaporizers
  • Pair legendary vapor with POTV Glass
  • Swap glass pieces in seconds
  • Stand with built-in brush slot included
  • Designed with quality materials
Regular price C$24.95
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Inhale volcano vapor through POTV Glass

Inhale the Volcano’s legendary vapor through our suite of POTV Glass Accessories with the Volcano Glass Adapter. Whether you want to take the edge off with our dry stems and mini bubblers or seamlessly connect to your favorite tabletop bubbler, this adapter is the perfect Volcano vaporizer companion.

Our goal is to keep things new and exciting with the vaporizers we carry. With the Volcano Glass Adapter, you’ll experience the very best of the Volcano exactly how you please.

Connects to the Volcano Easy Valve Balloon

Enjoy smooth vapor through our POTV Glass Accessories without sacrificing the portability of the Volcano bag. Once the bag is filled with vapor, remove it from the Volcano and insert the plastic end of the POTV Volcano Glass Adapter into the orange collar on the bag. Attach any of our glass pieces and you’re good to go!

Vape your way with POTV Glass

Experience cooler, more comfortable Volcano vapor with our collection of POTV Glass accessories (not included):

POTV Bent Glass Mouthpiece: Delivers the warmest vapor of all our glass pieces. Best at the lowest temperatures.

POTV Cooling Dimpled Glass Stem: Our best combination of cool, smooth vapor and a low profile.

POTV Globe Glass: Our coolest dry stem. This is the stem for higher temperatures if you don’t want a water bubbler.

POTV Glass Mini Bubbler: Brings an old-school water bubbler feel to your vape. More intense, but more comfortable, too.

POTV Glass Curved Mini Bubbler: Our most popular glass piece. It hits like the Mini Bubbler, but you don’t have to bend your neck or vape to use it.

POTV Water Pipe Glass Adapter: Mates your vape to your favorite water pipe bubbler. Now you really get to vape your way!

Comfier vapor in seconds

Customize each hit in seconds with a quick swap of our glass accessories. Our adapter is designed to give you options with minimal pauses or breaks in between hits. Take a few hits through one of our dry stems, and then quickly switch to the Water Pipe Adapter for tabletop bubbler sessions.

Included stand with a built-in brush holder

When you’re finished with your sessions, take the Volcano Glass Adapter and store it in the included stand. Now, you can create your own station with a dedicated spot for your Glass Adapter! It even comes with a dedicated slot for a cleaning brush!

Designed with high-quality materials

Our Volcano Glass Adapter is designed with PEEK and food-grade silicone. Storz & Bickel has strict quality standards for their vaporizers. Our goal is to maintain those strict standards with a Volcano bag adapter that only enhances the vaping experience, with nothing added to the flavorful vapor.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Volcano Glass Adapter is easy. Simply soak the glass pieces and wipe down the inside of the Glass Adapter, and that’s it!

Compatible with Volcano Easy Valve Bags

The Volcano Glass Adapter is compatible with the following:

Volcano Classic vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid vaporizer
Volcano Easy Valve Bag
Cleaning Brush Set by Storz & Bickel

Disclaimer: NOT compatible with original Solid Valve sets.

Return policy

We only accept returns for accessories if they are within 30 days, unused and unopened, or if they are being returned with a vaporizer under our 14-day satisfaction policy.

in box contents

What's in the box

  • 1 X Volcano Glass Adapter (assembled)
  • 1 X Silicone stand
  • 1 X Dimpled Glass Stem

Technical specifications

  • Glass Adapter
    • Height: 2.36 in / 6 cm
    • Width: 1.29 / 3.3 cm
    • Weight: 0.63 oz / 18g
  • Stand
    • Height:1.73 in /  4.4 cm
    • Width: 2.48 / 6.3 cm
    • Weight: 2.78 oz / 79g
  • Combined Height with Adapter on Stand: 2.91 in /  7.4cm


Volcano Classic Vaporizer



Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer


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