Mighty How to Use: Quickstart Guide

Master Your Mighty with Our Quickstart Guide

Now that you’ve chosen the Storz & Bickel Mighty, our Quickstart guide will take you from unboxing to Mighty Master...

If you’ve already picked up a Mighty vaporizer, you’ve made a great choice. It’s one of our favorite portable vaporizers, with excellent vapor quality, great battery life, and a variety of useful accessories.

Our quickstart guide will help take you through the first few sessions, from burnoff cycle to quick cleaning, and everything in between.


What’s in the box:

Mighty Quickstart guide What's in the box

Charge it up first

Storz and Bickel ships out the Mighty with the battery mostly full, and you can use it right away, but we recommend plugging it in and charging it all the way up first. It takes about two hours to go from empty to full, so topping it off shouldn’t take long. The battery indicator on the display will turn solid when it’s ready.

Quick burnoff cycle

Once the battery is charged, there’s one more step you should take before using your Mighty. A burnoff cycle will ensure there’s no leftover residue from packaging or shipping the vaporizer. Turn the Mighty on by pressing the orange power button on the side, then press the up arrow until it reaches its maximum temperature, 410° F (210° C). Let it run with the oven empty, but the cooling unit attached and the mouthpiece open, until it shuts off on its own.

Mighty Quickstart Guide Controls

Three buttons, no hassle

The Mighty has simple, intuitive controls. The orange power button on the left side turns the heat on, and the up and down arrows next to the screen control the temperature. The top number indicates the current temperature, and the bottom number indicates your selected temperature. The Mighty will vibrate to let you know it’s time to vape.

A fine grind

The Mighty works well with any grind as well as un-ground whole flowers, but we recommend a finer grind for the fullest extraction.

The included grinder may not look like much, but it produces a fine, almost powdery grind that vaporizes excellently in the Mighty. Any two-piece grinder should do the trick, as it keeps the herbs grinding longer, but you can accomplish the same feat by turning the top two pieces of your tiered grinder upside down.

Loading tool included

While other portable vaporizers leave you to awkwardly scoop or pour your herbs into the oven, Storz & Bickel packs in a more elegant approach. Load your ground herbs into the loading tool’s ring, twist it into the top of the Mighty, and use the plug to push the herbs down into the oven. It sounds a little odd, but it packs the bowl perfectly, without any mess. You can pack it down gently to make some space, but not too tightly -- you want a loose pack in the oven.

Draw fast or slow

The Mighty’s precisely designed airpath lets you draw lightly, or puff on it as hard as you like. No technique required, it will produce excellent vapor no matter how you draw. There’s no need to stir, either. The Mighty is perfectly capable of powering through a full oven without a rotation or tilling.

Mighty Quickstart Guide Cleaning Brush

Clean up quick

When you’re all done vaping, turn the heating unit counter-clockwise to remove it, and tap on the side of the unit to dislodge the vaporized herbs. The included brush is perfect for cleaning off the underside of the heating unit, and making sure there are no leftover bits in the oven. Cleaning the Mighty vaporizer right away will mean less deep cleaning sessions, but if it needs it, our Mighty cleaning and maintenance guide can have your Mighty looking brand new again.

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