Ditanium Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

Ditanium Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

Take a look at our quickstart guide to get up to speed with your new Ditanium Vaporizer!

The Ditanium Vaporizer entered the space with a sturdy, attractive design that vaporizes both dry herbs and concentrates. Take a look at our quickstart guide to get up to speed with your new Ditanium!

Ditanium Quickstart Guide: What’s in the box

  • Ditanium Vaporizer
  • Glass Handpiece/Herb Chamber
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Titanium Mouthpiece/Adapter
  • User Manual

Test fire

Before we get rolling with our first Ditanium session, let’s fire it up and make sure everything is in working order. Plug in your unit and set it down on a flat, sturdy surface. Turn the temperature dial all the way up and wait for the heating rod to turn a bright orange. The LED light underneath should be lit to indicate that the unit is powered on. Let it heat soak for a little bit to burn off any manufacturing oils. After a few minutes, turn the dial down to 12 o’clock, and let’s put the whip together.

Ditanium Vaporizer Temperature Knob

Assemble the whip

After you’ve unpacked everything, grab the silicone hose, glass handpiece, and the titanium mouthpiece, and let’s put it all together. Take the titanium mouthpiece and push and twist it into either end of the silicone hose. Grab the other end of the hose and insert it into the small end of the glass handpiece. You’ll need to fold and squish it down a bit to get it in there, so don’t feel like you're doing anything wrong. Once the hose is inside the glass, continue to feed it in until the hose unfurls and is flush with the glass.

Ditanium Vaporizer Whip

Medium grind

The Ditanium Vaporizer utilizes convection heating to extract your dry herbs, and does it best with a medium grind. Grind up your choice of herbs and fill the glass handpiece halfway to the frosted glass, and give it a gentle tamp. Be mindful of the fact that the handpiece will be laying horizontally as you hit it, so the herbs may fall and slope down towards the heater. 

Hit it, bro!

At this point, your Ditanium should be cool enough at the 12 o’clock setting. This is a good starting temp for this first session, with low temp, flavorful hits. Once you’re ready to take your first draw, carefully attach the glass handpiece to the titanium nozzle, and start hitting it! The first few seconds will be a tad wispy and very flavorful, but will ramp up with vapor as you continue to draw.

Once your load is finished at that temp, give it a quick stir and bump up the temp a bit to finish it off. Since the Ditanium doesn’t have a temperature display, it’s important that you play around with the temperatures and find what works best for you.

Concentrate use

Using concentrates with your Ditanium is very simple and easy to do. We suggest turning the temperature dial to 12 o’clock as well for your first hit. Before we drop in, take a look at the quartz nail and make sure you know where you’re placing your concentrate. There’s a small, circular trench around the heating element. You’ll place your load inside here, NOT on top of the heating rod.
So scrape up a rice-grain sized amount of concentrate material, place it inside of the trench, and start your hit just before it touches the quartz dish! If you purchased the carb cap, now's the time to use it. Place it on top of the heater after you put your concentrate on the quartz dish.

Ditanium Vaporizer Trench


We’ll release a full cleaning guide for your Ditanium soon, but for now, let’s go over a quick and easy cleaning routine you should adopt after each session. For dry herbs, be sure to brush out the handpiece to keep any leftover debris from sticking to the screen. When you’re done with concentrates for the day, turn the heat all the way up and let sit and burn off any leftover residue. These small steps will ensure your Ditanium stays cleaner longer!

Ditanium Vaporizer Burnoff

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