Focus Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Focus Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Our cleaning guide will set you up for success with a pristine, polished Focus Pro.

Deep cleaning your Focus Pro is important for your vape to look and perform at its best. If you notice some buildup in the oven or mouthpiece, it might be time for a cleanse. Our cleaning guide will set you up for success with a pristine, polished vape.

Focus Vape Pro Cleaning and Maintenance

Grab your supplies

To get started, you’ll need the included cleaning brush and alcohol wipes, a cup of rubbing alcohol, some cotton swabs, and a cup of warm, soapy water.

Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer Disassembled Mouthpiece

Disassemble mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the only piece we’ll take apart and reassemble. Start by unscrewing and removing the screen chamber from the underside of the chamber connector. Take out the ceramic filter and screen and set them aside for later. Remove the glass mouthpiece by wiggling it back and forth. If it doesn’t budge, take the end of a cotton swab and push it out from the underside. Once that’s out, remove the silicone ring and set it aside.

Soak pieces

Drop the screen, the screen chamber, the glass mouthpiece, and the ceramic filter into the cup of rubbing alcohol. Let them soak for an hour, with a gentle shake in between to remove any tough residue. Soak the chamber connector and silicone ring in the cup of warm, soapy water, and rub them until clean. When done, give the pieces a good rinse and let them dry out. In the meantime, let’s clean out the oven.

Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer Oven

Clean the oven

Start by clearing out the oven of debris with the included cleaning brush. Use one of the alcohol wipes on the end of a cotton swab and wipe down the inside of the oven. This will clean up the oven without risk of damaging the internals of your Focus Pro. If you don’t have any alcohol wipes, dip a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol, and wring out the excess before wiping it down. Hold your vape upside down as you clean, so the alcohol doesn’t run through the oven and into the electronics below.

Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer Chamber Connector

The silicone insert should sit just below the metal ring if inserted properly.


Once everything is nice and dry, let’s reassemble! Take the metal screen and insert it back into the metal chamber, with the ceramic filter on top, and screw it back into the chamber connector. Fit the silicone ring back into the top of the chamber connector the same way it came out. Slide the outer lip of the ring in first, so that it fits right into the groove of the chamber connector. It should sit just below the metal ring if inserted properly. Take the glass mouthpiece and wiggle it back and forth into place.

Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer Burnoff

Time for a burnoff

To finish off this deep cleaning, run a final burnoff before vaping. Screw the mouthpiece back on, and turn your Focus Pro on to its highest setting. Let it run until it stops, or until you don’t smell any alcohol from the vape, and you’re good to go!

Empty the oven after each session

A clean vape is a happy vape. To keep your Focus Pro running happier for longer, clean out the oven after each session. When you’re done vaping, and the oven is still warm to the touch, grab your cleaning brush and clear out the oven. Do this after each session, and you’ll have a cleaner (and happier) vape in the long run!

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