Check Out Ghost’s New Stealth Black MV1

Check Out Ghost’s New Stealth Black MV1

Ghost’s new stealth black MV1 isn’t just a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re interested in the Ghost MV1, but you’re looking for something a little more subtle, you’re in luck. Ghost has announced a new stealth black MV1 that looks very slick. We spent some time with the Black Edition MV1 and noticed that it wasn’t just a fresh coat of paint.

In addition to the slick new color, Ghost has made a number of small improvements to the MV1, including some extra attention to the fit and finish, a tougher rear material, and of course, the latest firmware.

Upgraded heat sink

The stealth MV1’s heat sink has been improved physically to solve a minor quibble some users were experiencing. If the heatsink wasn’t completely seated in the body, usually after cleaning, it could affect the airflow until you pressed down on it. Now, the heatsink always fits in level with the top of the unit, preventing the issue from popping up in the first place.

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Heat sink

New door switch

While the MV1’s oven door latch does a great job of keeping it closed in your pocket, some users noted that it took a bit of pressure, a little technique, to open it intentionally. The stealth black MV1’s door latch has been slightly altered for easier opening, while still preventing accidental releases.

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Oven

Rear panel

It’s a minor difference, but the new Ghost MV1 also has an updated rear panel material to match the updated front. The other MV1 models feature black, soft touch panels, where the new stealth black has a tougher UV matte coating that will hold up better after heavy use.

Worth a look

The improvements to the MV1 stealth black edition probably aren’t significant enough to draw in existing MV1 owners, but if you were considering the Ghost, this is the one to buy. We think it looks extremely attractive, and it’s worth investing in the new improvements.

Gallery: Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition 

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black in hand

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Mouthpiece

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Size

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Side

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black

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