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Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Use this guide as your personal assistant to a cleaner Mighty+ vaporizer.

If your Storz & Bickel Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer is in use as much as we think it is, a deep cleaning is just around the corner. Use our guide as your personal assistant to a cleaner vape.

Mighty+ Clean up: Quick summary

  1. Take the Cooling Unit apart
  2. Soak all parts except the Cap Lock for 30 minutes. Let dry.
  3. Wipe out the oven
  4. Reassemble
  5. Run a burnoff
Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer

Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer


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Mighty+ vaporizer cleaning guide: what you’ll need

You’ll only need a few household supplies for this cleaning.

  • A few cotton swabs
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A container for soaking
Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide What You'll Need
Mighty+ cleanup is pretty simple. All you need is rubbing alcohol, a cup, and some cotton swabs.

Take it apart

First, wiggle and pull the mouthpiece out of its socket. Then, slide the cap lock - the holographic logo - towards the mouthpiece socket, pull it up and off, and set it aside.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Cap Lock

Slide the Caplock towards the mouthpiece socket.

The cooling unit splits apart into two pieces, and depending on how dirty your vape is, may give you a bit of trouble. With the cooling unit still attached to your Mighty+ vape, press down on the little button nub, where the cap lock sits, and pull up to separate the two pieces. If it feels stuck, run an empty session on the highest temperature setting, and take a couple pulls to loosen up any residue inside.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Cooling Unit Disassembly

It's easier to disassemble the Cooling Unit when it's attached to the vape.

Once everything is disassembled, take the stir tool and remove the blue o-rings from the cooling unit and on the end of the mouthpiece. There’s a little notch along the rim (pictured below) to make this easier. Then, remove the bottom half of the cooling unit from the vape, and poke the screen out from the bottom.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Cooling Unit O-Rings

Use the little notch to remove the o-rings.

What to soak

Fill your container with a bit of rubbing alcohol and soak everything but the cap lock and o-rings for about 30 minutes, or until all the pieces are gunk free. Then, rinse each piece off with warm water and set them out to dry.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Soak
Soak these parts in rubbing alcohol.

Clean the oven

While everything is soaking, take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe the oven clean of any sticky substances. Hold your Mighty+ upside down while you do this to keep the electronics safe from liquid damage.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Clean the Oven
Hold the Mighty+ sideways or upside-down, and wipe out the oven.


Once all the other pieces are dry, it’s time to throw it back together. Insert the stainless steel screen back into the cooling unit, and put the o-rings back onto the mouthpiece and cooling unit. Then, put the two halves of the cooling unit back together, reattach the cap lock, and place the mouthpiece back into its socket.

Run a burnoff

Finally, we’ll run a quick burnoff to dissolve any leftover residue before it's ready for use. Turn your Mighty+ on to the highest temperature setting. Let it run through a full session until it turns itself off. And that's it!

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Burnoff
Set the Mighty+ to the highest temperature for a burnoff.

Conclusion: Tips for a cleaner vaporizer

A deep cleaning will always be necessary at some point, but if you want to keep your vaporizer cleaner for longer, get in the habit of brushing out the oven after each session. A lot of buildup occurs as the vape is cooling down with dry herbs still inside, and this simple step will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Bush the Oven

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