miniVAP Vaporizer Tips & Tricks

miniVAP Vaporizer Tips & Tricks

The miniVAP is very versatile and can be used in a variety of configurations. I've outlined some general tips that...

The miniVAP is very versatile and can be used in a variety of configurations. I've outlined some general tips that always apply along with 3 packing methods to test out.

General tips:

  • Turn the miniVAP on, set the temperature and let it heat up. The light will stop blinking once it has reached temperature. If you don’t like how it feels on the first few draws let it sit a minute or two longer for a fuller heat soak.
  • Use a medium grind for your herbs. I like to use whole flowers as well, but the miniVAP has enough parts in it that it can be difficult to crush the flowers without touching hot pieces, so I recommend sticking to ground herbs with this one.
  • Use either the small or medium basket depending on how much herb you’re loading up. When using the medium basket, packing it half full with ground herbs will give you the fullest extraction without stirring.
  • WARNING:  Do not turn the miniVAP on while it is connected to the battery and docked on the charger. This can damage the battery.

Pack methods:

For all methods you first place the o-ring screen inside the flexicone or flexicone+, attach it to the bottom side of the lid, and attach the lid to the unit to use.  The arrow represents where to put your herbs.


This is the most common method of packing. Pack your herbs directly into the chamber and attach the lid. This will add the most conduction heating to the mix and some (including myself) find this the most comfortable packing method for the higher temps.

miniVAP Vaporizer Direct Pack Method - Planet of the Vapes

The direct pack method will gets the inner walls of the heating chamber the dirtiest. Make sure to stay on top of your cleaning. We've put together a miniVAP Cleaning Guide to help with that . If you have a teflon unit, you can purchase replacement chamber rings to make it good as new again if need be.

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Fill one of the baskets and set it on the upper lip of the heating chamber so it is hanging in the heating chamber and attach the lid. This will add a little conduction to the mix and your heating chamber will stay nice and clean.

miniVAP Vaporizer Hanging Basket Packing Method - Planet of the Vapes


Fill one of the baskets and attach it to the flexicone after first putting the screen in the flexicone. This will create a self-contained basket that you attach to the underside of the lid before putting it on the unit, and will give you full convection heating without dirtying the chamber walls. I don't recommend this for high temperature as it can be a bit uncomfortable.

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