POTV Vaporizer Guide

POTV Vaporizer Guide

Which POTV Vaporizer is for you? Follow along as we dive into each of our signature vaporizers.

If you couldn't tell already, we LOVE dry herb vaping. So much that we want nothing more than to provide users from all walks of life an exceptional vaping experience. From product updates, to brand-spanking new ones, we've created a lineup of vaporizers that will cater to every type of dry herb enthusiast, from the casual user, to the veteran.

The Planet of the Vapes Lobo and ONE are products of expert collaboration with vape nerds and members of our community. These vapes provide exceptional vapor and performance that won’t dent you wallet, and pair seamlessly with our collection of glass accesories.

The POTV XMAX V3 Pro and Starry V4 are a result of close collaboration with XMAX where we took their already great products and leveled them up with a few key improvements.

If you’re ready to pick up one of these vapes but aren’t sure which one is for you, then follow along as we dive into each POTV vaporizer.

Quick summary






Hybrid heating

Hybrid heating

Full convection heating

Conduction heating

Compatible with POTV Glass

Compatible with POTV Glass

Compatible with POTV Glass

NOT Compatible with POTV Glass

Removable battery

NO removable battery

Removable battery

Removable battery

Up to 10 sessions per charge

Up to 8 sessions per charge

Up to 10 sessions per charge

Up to 9 sessions per charge

Heats up in 40 seconds

Heats up in 30 seconds

Heats up in 20 seconds

Heats up in 35 seconds

Great for both light and heavy users

Great for light and moderate users

Great for light and moderate users

Great for beginners and light users

Get the Lobo

Get the ONE

Get the V3 Pro

Get the Starry

Still not sure? We highly recommend the Lobo. It's the perfect blend of power, customizations, and accessibility. Vapor is strong and flavorful and doesn't require any fancy techniques, it comes with a removable battery for quick and swaps, and grants you access to our vast ecosystem of glass accessories. The other vaporizers on this list are exceptional options, but the Lobo takes the crown for its superior vapor quality and performance.

POTV Lobo: Top tier vapor. Half the price

The Planet of the Vapes Lobo is our Crème de la Crème, our flagship vaporizer. It takes all of our favorite features, like removable battery and glass accessories, and combines it with rich, decadent vapor, all at an affordable price.

POTV Lobo Vaporizer

Who’s the POTV Lobo for?

The POTV Lobo is the perfect choice for a majority of users. Vapor is above and beyond anything else you’ll find in its price range. It's smooth, but packs a flavorful punch. If you want to push for the hardest hitting sessions, with glass accessories and a removable battery at your side, then the Lobo is it. I’d highly recommend it to those with the heaviest session-needs, transitioning smokers, and even light users that want a little more horsepower at their disposal.

Who’s the POTV Lobo not for?

The Lobo is a great choice for a lot of users, but could be overkill for some of our lighter users. If light sips here and there are more your style, then you’ll do just fine with something like the Starry or the ONE.

If you also want to stay around the $100 price range, look at one of the other three choices we have like the ONE, Starry V4, or V3 Pro.

Pick up the Glass Bundle if you love bubblers

If you love sessions that involve your favorite tabletop bubbler, check out the POTV Lobo Glass Bundle. The Lobo works phenomenally on bubblers so we’ve bundled it with our water pipe adapter and a few extras too. Hook it up to a bubbler with the Water Pipe Adapter, cool on the go with the Curved Mini Bubbler, and take it easy with the Bent Glass Stem.

POTV Lobo: Pros & Cons

Pros đź‘Ť

Rich, effective vapor with every hit Glass pieces can make it hard to travel with
Removable battery Can’t vape while charging
Great for both light and heavy users
Heats up in around 40 seconds
Simple controls
USB-C Charging

Bottom line

The POTV Lobo will surprise you with its potent, effective vapor. It hits hard but can deliver small and gentle sessions when you need it. With great features and accessories for only $159.95, it’s a no-brainer.

 Shop POTV Lobo         Read POTV Lobo Review

POTV ONE: Performance at a budget-friendly price

The ONE was our first exclusive POTV portable vaporizer to hit the shelves. We took an already great vaporizer and added features like haptic feedback, an updated oven, and our signature Glass Adapter. It has its shortcomings but it’s been a popular option for users of all experience levels.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer

Who’s the POTV ONE for?

If the Lobo interests you but you want something that’s not quite as expensive, but can still perform, the ONE is a great option. It’s more portable and comes with the same access to our glass accessories, heats up pretty quickly, and its vapor is dense and flavorful. Its raw potency is just a bit shy of the Lobo’s output but it’s impressive considering its size.

Who’s the POTV ONE not for?

If you need something with reliable battery performance, the ONE may not be the best choice. It can deliver raw, potent vapor, but the battery life has been an area of concern for some of our heavier users that plow through multiple sessions.

Start off hot with the POTV ONE Essentials or Glass Bundle

If you feel like this is the one, then pick up one of our POTV ONE bundles! Our Essentials Bundle sets you up with everything you need for a great session from start to finish, including our Curved Mini Bubbler, a set of Dosing Capsules, and our POTV 4-Piece Grinder.

If you’re crazy for glass, pick up our POTV ONE Ultimate Glass Bundle! It comes with our popular Water Pipe Adapter, two mini bubblers, and a curved glass stem. It’s the perfect choice for glass enthusiasts.

POTV ONE: Pros & Cons

Pros đź‘Ť Cons
Satisfying vapor No removable battery
Heats up in 30 seconds Small oven not great for heavy users or groups
Extremely pocketable
Simple controls
Great price point

Bottom line

The POTV ONE is a small but mighty performer. It fits in just about any pocket, delivers potent clouds, and is ready to perform with our suite of glass accessories - all for around $100.

 Shop POTV ONE         Read POTV ONE Review

POTV XMAX V3 Pro: Versatility and exceptional performance

The V3 Pro is a special vaporizer. We teamed up with XMAX to upgrade the experience on top of its already great performance and unique feature-set. This vaporizer utilizes a full convection oven for the purest flavors, and provides users with both on-demand and session modes, plus a removable battery. We also developed a special Glass Adapter specifically for the V3 Pro so you can pair it with any one of our glass accessories.

Read all about the V3 Pro and the numerous POTV upgrades it received here.

POTV XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

Who’s the POTV XMAX V3 Pro for?

The POTV XMAX V3 Pro is an easy pick to make, and could be a great choice for a lot of users. Its full convection heater produces strong, but extremely flavor vapor that can pack a punch. With a user-replaceable battery, dual on-demand and session modes, and our signature Glass Adapter, the V3 Pro is a great option.

Who’s the POTV XMAX V3 Pro not for?

If you prefer extremely light sips or don’t have the strongest lungs, you may not like the V3 Pro. Its convection heater needs a little extra time to get going and does best with longer pulls.

POTV XMAX V3 Pro: Pros & Cons

Pros đź‘Ť Cons
Tasty, convection vapor Not ideal for short sippers
Session & On-Demand modes Small bowl won't satisfy large appetites
Removable battery
Heats up in 20 seconds
Great price point

Bottom line

The V3 Pro stands out with features and performance usually reserved for high-end vaporizers. It’s highly portable, comes with both session and on-demand modes, and produces satisfying, flavorful vapor.

 Shop POTV XMAX V3 Pro         Read POTV XMAX V3 Pro Review

POTV XMAX Starry V4: Easy, slow-burn sessions in your pocket

We’ve partnered with XMAX for some time to bring the Starry name to the masses, and the V4 does so with slick features and POTV-Exclusive battery upgrade. The Starry V4 is an affordable conduction vaporizer that provides users with a slow-burn, easy-going session that you can take anywhere. Vapor is strong, controls are simple, and the oven size is very generous. It does well with short, light sips, but can also perform well on a tabletop bubbler when you pair it with its water pipe adapter.

POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer

Who’s the POTV XMAX Starry V4 for?

The Starry V4 is for light to medium users and beginners that prefer slower, more drawn out sessions, and anyone that prefers the feel of smaller hits, similar to a roll-your-own. It excels when you really take your time with it and will reward those patient enough to let it thrive.

Who’s the POTV XMAX Starry V4 not for?

The Starry V4 is not for users on the opposite end of the spectrum - heavier users looking for a quick rush. Its tighter airflow won’t keep up with quicker, larger hits. With a pretty spacious oven, the Starry V4 and its conduction-style heating need time to extract it all. It won't fully cook it in one or two hits.

POTV XMAX Starry V4: Pros & Cons

Pros đź‘Ť Cons
Strong, potent vapor Not ideal for heavier users
Removable battery Doesn’t do well with quick, fast draws
Large oven
Adjustable airflow
USB-C Charging
Great price point

Bottom line

The XMAX Starry V4 vaporizer excels at slow, easy going sessions that beginners and light users will really appreciate, but doesn’t offer a whole lot to our big hitters out there that thrive with large, lung-busting hits.

 Shop POTV XMAX Starry V4         Read POTV XMAX Starry V4 Review

Check out more of our popular vapes

If none of these vaporizers are a fit for you, then check out some of our other popular dry herb vaporizers.

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