Sticky Brick Vaporizers Tips and Tricks

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Tips and Tricks

Sticky Brick vaporizers take some practice to master. Apply our tips and tricks and step your Sticky Brick game up...

Sticky Brick vaporizers are designed with simplicity in mind, but take some practice to master. Apply a few of our tips and tricks, and take your Sticky Brick game up a notch.

What kind of lighter?

Single flame torch lighters, like the one included, work perfectly with Sticky Brick vaporizers, but aren’t the only option. We played with a few multi-flame torches, such as the Stinger quad-flame torch, and had a lot of success. The extra volume cuts down on the heat up time, and extracts even quicker, but be careful not to overdo it. The extra flame(s) can burn your herbs.

Find your style

Each Brick, such as the OG Sticky Brick, has the flexibility and versatility to cater to different session styles. Want to extract everything in one or two hits? Use a smaller load with a medium grind, bring the torch closer to the intake, and slow your inhale.

Or maybe you prefer big, but tasty, rips. In that case, use whole flowers or a coarse grind, fill the bowl up to the inner rim, and speed up your draw while pulling the flame further from the intake.

The Restrictor Disc

Sticky Bricks come with a restrictor disc installed, which absorbs a lot of heat, so you don’t burn your herbs. It’s a little metal insert under the flame intake, above the bowl. If the vapor isn’t strong enough, try removing it. With the heat intake removed, turn your Brick upside down and dump out the disc. Your Brick will be less forgiving, but you can push vapor production to its max.

Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc

Keep your distance from the lighter

With the Sticky Brick Jr and Sticky Brick Runt, the heat intake can face any direction. We like to aim it towards us, so the torch points away from us. You can also flip the Junior mouthpiece around, so your face is further from the heat intake.

Which hole is which?

Let’s talk about those two distinctly different holes on your Sticky Brick. The carb (the one the cork goes into) serves as your clutch. Open it up to dump fresh air into your load if it gets too hot or feather it with your finger for a cooler hit.

Sticky Brick Intake Holes

The small hole is your air intake. It’s been precisely drilled to give you the perfect balance of heat and fresh air with the carb is covered. For the most part, you’ll leave it uncovered. If you want a little boost, however, cover it up while heating for a quick temperature bump. Be careful, though, or your herbs might combust.

Empty bowl before travel

We love taking our Bricks anywhere! The Sticky Brick Junior’s smaller footprint is the ideal choice for traveling, but any of the Bricks can be thrown into a bag. Check the bowl, and empty it before you go out. The herbs can tumble up from the bowl, through the flame intake, and into your bag. Keep that in mind, and avoid a big mess!

More ways to use your Flip Brick

The Flip Brick flips into action, on top of your favorite piece of glass, but that's not all! Put your Brick into storage mode, throw on a whip, and turn it into a portable vape you can pass around. Attach a spare mouthpiece for a miniature Hydrobrick!

Sticky Brick Flip Brick with mouthpiece

Flip Brick with 18mm dry mouthpiece

Wax your wood

Like any wood vaporizer, it’s important to occasionally wax your Sticky Brick. With a soft cloth, apply a thin layer of Sticky Brick Butter, or any wood wax, and polish with the grain. Let the wax sit for a few minutes, and wipe off any excess. We recommend this at least once a month, or every few weeks, for an impressive finish. Check out our Sticky Bricks Cleaning Guide for the full rundown.

Hitting with water

Hitting your Sticky Brick through water, with either the Flip Brick or Sticky Brick Maxx, is a whole lot of fun. However, we consider it an “advanced move” that takes a little bit more practice to nail, and here's why.

Mastering your Brick requires you to use all of your senses, and bubblers remove a lot of the feedback (taste, hot vapor, etc.) you need to dial in a solid hit. Start with the flame a little further from the intake and pay close attention for clouds. It’ll take some practice. Don’t get frustrated if you end up combusting some while you figure it out. That’s normal.

Concentrate tips

With a system that only heats up when you inhale, using concentrates with a Sticky Brick requires patience and accuracy. Place the mesh pad into the Brick’s bowl, and add a rice-grain sized amount of extract. Your first hit or two will be wispy while the concentrate melts into the pad. As the taste thickens, increase your draw speed. Use your senses and look for the mouthpiece to cloud up.

The Sticky Pad won’t retain heat like your usual quartz banger. As soon you stop torching, the load stops vaporizing. When you’re ready to hit it again, skip the preheat and get right back into it.

If you prefer a more traditional concentrate hit, grab the 14mm Intake Adapter and the Quartz Banger for the Sticky Bricks. Once installed, you can hit your Brick like a typical torch/banger concentrate rig.

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