Winter CHAMPS Recap 2020

Winter CHAMPS Recap 2020

We spent the entire week at the show, and found some cool products and amazing people to tell you about.

The February CHAMPS trade show in Las Vegas is their largest show every year, and this year’s was bigger than ever. With more vendors and an extra day to walk the floor, there was plenty to see, and lots of people to meet. We spent the entire week at the show, and found some cool products and amazing people to tell you about.


There were no surprises on the dry herb vaporizer front, but plenty to see in the concentrate realm. X MAX unveiled the Vista Mini 2, a portable e-nail that looks set to disrupt the scene with an incredible price of $159, and a sick feature set that includes wireless charging. Look for this one on 4/20. 

XMAX Vista Mini 2

Another cool vape about to drop is the Boundless Terp Pen XL. It’s pricier than the original, but bigger and better, as well.

GPen had their full lineup of new vapes on display, and the construction quality feels really good. The Connect and Roam stood out, and we’re already beating them up and ripping them apart.

Meanwhile, I found my perfect combo for hitting the Strip - the POTV ONE and Saionara!

ONE Vaporizer and Saionara

Showstopper product

What really blew my mind was the glass pipe GPen ran their vapes through. It’s called the Stundenglass Gravity Pipe, and I’m obsessed.

Stundenglass Gravity Pipe

About six months ago I stopped chasing clouds and started chasing the most comfortable, satisfying hit I could find. I’ve messed with different vapes, herbs, grinds, packs, temperatures and draw speeds in my quest, and this pipe from Stundenglass is a problem-solver! When the vapor is ready, instead of sucking it in, this pipe blows it into your mouth without touching your lips. The vapor is incredibly cool and comfortable, and you just breathe it in. I’m in love!


Cool, new accessories seem to always pop up at CHAMPS, and we found some this year, as well. 

For anyone who loves mason jars with their herbs, Mason Grinders has a cool grinder for you - grind straight into the jar!

Mason Grinders

We also found a cool line of beautiful vases that double as water pipes, so you can class up your routine.

My Bud Vase

Blazy Susan is a lineup you might have heard of before. We loved what we saw, and will get some samples in to see how they translate to dry herb vaporizing. Keep your eye on these guys!

Blazy Susan

The MouthPeace is a timely accessory, given the corona virus outbreak. It’s a personal mouthpiece you can take to parties, and hit any vapes and pipes without using your bare lips.


It’s even got a filter in it to smooth out the hits. We made sure to leave with a couple of these to test!


Some of the hottest news for us was the release of Storz & Bickel’s fix to the Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber. We were able to give it a quick test during the show, and were impressed. We’re testing it more now that we’re back from the show, and will have a full blog post about it soon, but we’re excited to get this vape back in action!

Giant Volcano

Not actual size.

There is never a shortage of CBD suppliers at these shows, but the flower quality keeps getting better and better. We left with a lot of samples to sift through. If you haven’t looked into vaporizing CBD flower yet, now is a good time to get started, with so many flavorful strains coming out.

Whole CBD Flower

We will add the Sticky Brick vaporizers to our catalog this month, and we spent a lot of time with the owners. It’s a family owned company that makes artisan, flame-powered, wood vapes that hit like a freight train. Best of all, the owners are great people, with a company worthy of support. We’re really excited about this addition, so stay tuned!

Sticky Brick owners


The show is built to feature products, but the best part is always the people. This industry is full of fun, good-hearted characters willing to give. This time around we gave David Irving his first taste of dry herb vapor - what a blast!

Throw in a couple dinners and parties with people like Troy from 420vapezone, Austyn Simrell, George from Dynavap (pictured below), Sneaky Pete, Randy from Puffitup, and Kenny from Sticky Bricks, and we could write stories for days!

420Vapezone, Simrell Collection, Stickstones, Dynavap

Glass games winner

Every show, CHAMPS hosts a glass blower competition with cash prizes, with all the finished pieces on display the last day of the show.

Glass Games 2020

This year, the winner was Grimmglass, who made the most amazing recycler bubbler I’ve ever seen. If this thing doesn’t call you to relax, I don’t know what will. Congrats, Grimm!


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