X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Quickstart

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

Whether this is your first time with concentrates or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ll get you up and running with...

The X VAPE Vista Mini 2’s variety of features and competitive pricing makes it a solid contender in the portable e-nail scene. Whether this is your first time with concentrates or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ll get you up and running with our quickstart guide.

What's in the box

  • X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer
  • Carrying Case
  • Extra Heating Coil (2 total)
  • 2 Replacement O-rings
  • 3 Alcohol Wipes
  • Replacement Silicone Connect Ring
  • Concentrate Tool
  • 2 Silicone Carb Cap Connectors
  • 1 Plastic Buckle (Keck Clip)
  • 3 Cotton Swabs
  • USB Charge Cable

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer whats in the box

Before use: Charge it up

The Vista Mini 2 comes out of the box with a partial charge, but we recommend topping off before your first use. If you have a wireless charger available, just throw on top and let it do its thing. Otherwise, plug it in with the included micro-usb cable. A red blinking light indicates the battery is low, green is about 50%, and white means you’re in the final half. The blinking charge light will go out when it is fully charged.

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer charging

Fill the bubbler

Each bubbler has a certain water level sweet spot for best performance. Instead of making you do all the guesswork, X VAPE did the work for you, and placed a red fill line on the bubbler. Once the Vista Mini 2 is charged, fill the bubbler through the mouthpiece connection up to this line!

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer bubbler

Give it a test run

We normally recommend a burnoff session with dry herb vaporizers, but there’s no need for that here. Instead, we just want to confirm everything is connected properly and working before you load your first session. Start by connecting one of your atomizers. Find one in the case, and screw it clockwise on top of the Vista Mini 2.

Triple click the power button to turn it on. The button should blink three times, and the bubbler will light up to the color of the temperature selected. Press the button once to activate the heater, and let it run until the heater below the quartz dish glows orange.

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer heating coil

Choose your temp

The Vista Mini 2 provides four preset temperatures for different users. We suggest beginners start on white or green, for a relaxing, but flavorful experience. You can always bump it up later. If you’re used to the high temp, punchiness of a traditional torch and banger, set it to blue or red. Double click the button to scroll through the four temperatures.

X VAPE Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer blue temperature

Load it up and hit it!

Before we activate the heater, let’s load it up. For this first session, scrape, tear, or scoop a rice-grain sized amount of your chosen material and place it in the atomizer. Make sure it lands on the bottom of the quartz dish, and not the sides. 

Once you’re ready to rock n roll, press the button once to activate the heater and the bubbler light will blink. When it vibrates, the bubbler light will turn solid, and you’re clear for take off! Take a nice, relaxed draw and watch the vapor flow through the bubbler. The Vista Mini 2 will shut off automatically after 35 seconds, but you can end it sooner by clicking the button once. If the session ends and you want more, click the button again and it will fire back up.

If there is still oil in the heating coil, it can stay there for a later session. Next time, load a little less - try to load only what you will use in one session, and your concentrates will last longer and taste better

Quick cleanup

We’ll release a full cleaning guide very soon, but it’s a good idea to get in the habit of a quick and simple cleaning after each session. After you’re finished with each load, take a dry cotton swab and wipe out the heating coil, while the oils are still warm but not hot. If you don’t clean out these oils, they will build up in the corners and burn.

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