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XMAX Starry Vaporizer Update

XMAX has just dropped a new version of the Starry with a couple small bugs corrected and a few improvements made....

XMAX released a new version of the Starry June 2017 with a couple small bugs corrected and a few improvements made.  We have the latest version available for you here.  A big shout out to our main man Stickstones for working so closely with XMAX to help get the Starry just right for you guys.

Note:  We teamed up with XMAX to create a POTV exclusive special edition where we re-worked the style and that's what you're seeing here.  All the changes detailed below are going into the regular edition XMAX Starry available soon.   

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Battery lid fix

The latest version of the Starry has a nicely refined locking battery lid.  On the original version of the Starry the lid would not latch automatically when you pushed it closed. You can definitely get it locked with a fairly easy hold, close and release method...but XMAX have made it simple by equipping the latest Starry with a smooth push locking battery lid.

X MAX Starry Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Cooler mouthpiece

We noticed, as well as many of our Starry compatriots that after 10-15 minutes of straight vaping the mouthpiece of the first version of the Starry the would get warm...a bit too warm.  For most this isn't going to be a problem.  As a solo vaporist most people don't push past 10 minutes of straight use however, in a group session this can become a bit of an issue.

Nonetheless, XMAX thought redesigning the mouthpiece was the best bet and they did so in such a way that it stays far cooler in the latest release.

X MAX Starry Vaporizer - Planet of the VapesAs you can see there is not noticeable change from the outside, but looking at the underside of the mouthpiece you can see a bit more insulation and a slight tweak to the screen both of which are keeping things much cooler.

XMAX Starry Vaporizer Update - Planet of the Vapes

Larger oven

The Starry now has an oven just about 10% bigger than the original V1 Starry. Not going to change your life, but more is better right?

X MAX Starry Vaporizer Oven And Mouthpiece Update - Planet of the Vapes

New display colors

You'll now get a the slightly more snazzy white on black color scheme instead of the original blue on black OLED display.

X MAX Starry Vaporizer Display Update - Planet of the Vapes

PCB bug fixes

PCB aka Printed Circuit Board aka the brain of the first version Starry had a couple small bugs that showed up on a few units.  One was related to battery drain the other to some issues controlling the temperature. These issues only showed up a handful of times and of course were resolved for free immediately, but the XMAX team dug in, double checking all the coding for flawless performance.

 POTV Note: This article was originally published June 2017 and has since been reworked and updated for accuracy
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