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Apollo Rover (DynaTec)

The DynaVap Apollo 2 Rover Induction Heater is the Apollo 2’s portable brother. This induction heater comes with a built-in battery and a smaller power adapter so that you can enjoy your DynaVap M at home or on the go. Dynatec ditches the torch and flame for easy, consistent hits in seven to nine seconds. Turn it on, press your VapCap into the chamber until the heating light turns red, and wait for the click! It has a magnet on top to hold your VapCap in between hits, and a 15 second auto-shutoff timer.

Who’s it for?

The Apollo 2 Rover is the perfect heater for the frequent at-home user who wants to untether from the wall and set up shop anywhere. Great for powering sessions with friends, whether it’s at your house or theirs. Like the original Apollo 2, the Rover also heats on the cooler side of the spectrum. If you want flavorful hits out of the gate, the Apollo 2 Rover is a great option.

Who's it not for?

Frequent travelers may find the Rover too bulky to take on a trip. It’s heavier than other DynaVap Induction Heaters, and that doesn’t include its power cable. The Orion Induction heater is best for road trips and excursions. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, or you just don’t see yourself hitting the road with one, the Apollo 2 Induction Heater will work just fine. It packs the same punch as the Rover and will never run out of juice!

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The Apollo 2 Rover Induction Heater comes with a 12-month warranty by DynaTec. You’re also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Frank C.
Canada Canada

Good customer service

This device is not very good, especially for how expensive it is. If you use this plugged in at your desk, eventually the battery will die leaving the entire device useless. If you get this device, you have to charge it then unplug it, use it until the battery dies, then charge it again before you use it. Which is a ****** design. But Planet Of The Vapes is a good company with good customer service. They exchanged my broken Rover for a new one. Personally I would not recommend buying this device, the original Apollo 2 (not Rover) is the one everyone needs.

Frank C.
Canada Canada

My device broke after 1 month.

I bought my Apollo 2 Rover one month ago and it’s broken now, the device no longer heats up even though it’s plugged in and LEDs are on. I contacted DynaVap for manufacturers warranty but they told me to go back to the retailer. I’ve sent an email a week ago and still no response. I’m not going to fight tooth and nail over $150, but this is just laughable, dollar store quality garbage.


Planet of the Vapes

Hi Frank, We've been trying to get a hold of you. Our emails are not getting thru. We're getting the error message, "Error Message: Not delivering to a user who marked your messages as spam." I've tried calling you twice but missed you both times. I left a few voicemails for you, but we haven't heard back from you. I want to be able to take care of this for you, but we need to get into contact to make that happen. Can you please check your email setting so that our email to you is not labeled as spam, and then send us another email in the customer service email thread that we currently have open for you? Awaiting your replay there, Larry

Ron k.
Canada Canada

Easiest and Safest.

I am very pleased with the unit as it heats up to the required temp and a bit more. Evenly heats the vape and "eliminates the need for a torch". Battery life is great, the unit is lightweight and compact.

Canada Canada

Induction Introduction.

I really hated it. User error on the first day, didn't have it charged enough. The second day was better, however, it has useless vapor production during the first heat cycle, and also, vaping right at the click does nothing... 3-5 seconds after the click is perfect on a regular tip. Feels hefty and also grips the counter well with rubber pegs. Aside from a deep scratch on top of the unit, it looks excellent. Smooth rounded edges and nice colors to the plastic. Could have used a logo or graphic on the charger, super basic looking Must have had a pretty rough time in shipping as my ordered Vapcap just came flying out when I opened the box. Serves me right trying to get a deal shopping on the other side of the Country. I'm still very satisfied with the price and great service. You guys need a West Coast Warehouse, lots of us West Coast customers would get our vapes quicker if you did.


Planet of the Vapes

Hey Marco, Point taken on the shipping. We'll look into that. In regards to your Apollo, this video may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AUR4VnRtjE With best regards, Larry

A Planet of the Vapes Customer
Amanda D.
Canada Canada

Great device!!

This device really makes it easy to heat the Dynavap! Never need to worry about holding a lighter too close and burning your product. I do wish that the charge lasted longer on it though.

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