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How to fill an on-the-vape bubbler

A mini bubbler for your Arizer vaporizer

The Bubbler Max is a fully functional, compact bubbler for your Arizer Air and Solo vaporizers. This glass piece comes with a relaxed, bent mouthpiece and a four-slit percolator for effective filtration.

Pack it like normal

This bubbler stem works just like Arizer’s original glass stems. Once you fill it with water, just pack it like you normally would at the bottom of the stem, insert it into your vaporizer, and enjoy!


This bubbler stem is compatible with:

Third-party accessory

This product comes from a manufacturer of third-party accessories. While it’s not an official brand accessory, this product has been tested by our team of experts for performance.

See the full line of Arizer parts and accessories.

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Stefanie G.
United States United States

Wishing this didn't all pour out

I am surprised to be writing this because I loved my bubbler attachment with my POTV ONE, but with the way the Air Max works, I want to check how cooked my herbs are, and comfortably dump them out. Unfortunately, this piece makes that frustratingly difficult, leading to dropping water all over the place. If I take it out, I can't really flip it around to look at the herbs or get it out with any kind of tool. Filling the oven itself leads to more burnt bits on the bottom. I hope the other bubbler attachment does not have this issue, but for now, I will probably only use this sparingly because it's rather frustrating.

United States United States

Looks great. Works great.

I’ve got this in my SOLO 2. I set it up so the bubbler hangs over the wider portion of the vape (I was initially worried it would only fit in one orientation, but you can rotate it 360 degrees without issue). It stands up on its own. It’s no more difficult to load than the straight-up bubbler (which I also had). It looks cooler imo. It works way better to cool the vapor, too. Not that the other one was bad. This one is just better at it. It has a little bubble right at the base of the mouthpiece. This captures droplets of water that might otherwise get in your mouth if you slightly overfill the water reservoir. Mine arrived first try with no breakage. Some older reviews list that as an issue during shipping. That happened to me when I ordered the straight-up bubbler a few years back, but it seems like the shipping department either solved that issue or the shipping carrier is just less clumsy these days.

Aaron K.
United States United States

Works great, but delicate and a pain to load

The bubbler is a nice addition, but the bowl is a pain to load. You have to defy gravity to pack it, otherwise water spills out.

Anthony S.
United States United States

Fra Gile

So fragile. I ordered 3 the first 2 times it broke I thought maybe it was just me. I bought a third and was super careful, but it still broke at the base of the mouthpiece. Only buy it if you want it for display.


Planet Of The Vapes

Multiple 5-Star reviews on this bubbler, Anthony. See here: Creating a service ticket for you right now to find out what is going on with yours Talk to you in a bit, Larry

United States United States

Worth getting imo

The piece itself looks pretty nice. I like that it fits snug, in both the solo 2 and the regular solo (which is awesome!). You get much more vapor too, from what I can tell. It's super smooth as well. I was impressed at how much vapor i got at lower temperatures with it. And i thought i was getting smooth vapor before, but you can definitely see a difference. I recommend it for sure. Using it a second time. And I stand by the review. It's great. It seems that it could be interesting to clean. Hopefully soaking it in alcohol does the trick. My suggestions, for whoever gets one. Load the ****** first, like you normally do on your regular stems. Set it on the machine. Then use a dropper, or a turkey baster for the water. Because while you can put the water in through the mouthpiece, it's gonna make a mess. And you'll have to dry the whole piece. It also makes it kinda awkward to load the ******, once the water is already in there. But it smokes great.


Planet Of The Vapes

Here's a tip Luis. If there are some stubborn resin stains after an alcohol bath, add some coarse table salt to the alcohol and give it a good shake. That salt will act as a scrubbing agent. Regards, Larry