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Boundless CFC 2.0

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  • Compact Size
  • Super Fast Heat-up
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • For Dry Herb
  • Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) Included
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Who’s the Boundless CFC 2.0 for?

The CFC 2.0 packs a lot of features and clouds into a small package, and for a great price. With full digital temperature control, a pocketable size, and good battery life, you’re set for all-day vaping on the go.

Big clouds

Boundless is known for big clouds in little packages, and the CFC 2.0 falls right in line, with satisfying vapor. Its oven can hold as much as 0.3 grams of dry herbs, perfect for potent sessions that make it easier to switch from smoking.

Pocket sized

At a little over five inches long and one inch in diameter, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is small enough to fit in any pocket or purse, and light enough to forget it’s there.

Full digital control & fast heat up

The CFC 2.0 can dial in any temperature between 140° F and 446° F, and get there in about 30 seconds. That’s great for a quick session on the go.

Water pipe adapter included

Boundless includes a water pipe adapter (WPA) with each CFC 2.0 if you want to use it with a bubbler or glass water tool. That’s a nice touch for a budget vape.

Low maintenance

The Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer is pretty simple to maintain. The only pieces that need cleaning are the oven, the mouthpiece, and a couple of screens, and the wide-lipped oven keeps the mess to a minimum.

Better build than the original

The 2.0 improves on the original Boundless CFC build with more room for the oven and mouthpiece to cool. The outer shell and mouthpiece are stronger and more durable, without sacrificing any of the features of the original.

Battery life

The CFC 2.0 will run for a little more than an hour at 390° F, and we got around eight to ten sessions at higher temperatures. This is strong battery life for an ultra-portable vaporizer, and should get you through the day. It takes about three hours to charge via Micro-USB, and Boundless recommends not charging it while in use.


Boundless covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects for the first three years, which includes the "electronics, ceramic heating chamber, structural integrity, and attachments." The battery is only covered for 90 days, and after that, Boundless can replace it for a small fee, plus shipping. If you buy your CFC 2.0 from Planet of the Vapes, it's also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer box contents

What's in the box

  • Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stir Tool
  • Two Extra Oven Screens
  • Three Extra Mouthpiece Screens
  • Manual
Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Herb Chamber specs

Technical specifications

  • 18650 3.6 V, 9.0Wh Internal Battery
  • Height 5.2 in / 13.2 cm
  • Diameter 1.1 in / 2.8 cm
  • Weight 3 oz / 85 g
  • Temperature Range 140 - 446°F / 60 - 230°C
  • 3 year Warranty (Battery - 90 days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Richard W.
United States United States
A great vape at a budget price!

I bought this to replace a more expensive vape from another company that just plain ******. This vape was at least $30 less and is easily twice as good. If you're on a budget but you want a nice vape at an affordable price, look no longer - this is it! Plus, you'll get excellent customer service as well! Oh, I almost forgot. There is one con that I can think of right off the bat, but it isn't a deal-breaker. The internal battery isn't warranted but for a short period of time. When I purchased it, I was under the impression that it took an 18650 battery. It does not. However, for a small fee, the company will put in a new battery for you.

Leon B.
Canada Canada
You get what you pay for

Overall good quality for the price. However, after regular use I’ve found a few design flaws. 1st: the metal screen between the ceramic chamber and the mouth piece clogged easily making it hard to pull vapour trough. 2nd: The mouth piece isn’t symmetric and so if you turn it while refilling it won’t fit properly upon reattaching. Lastly the chamber and mouthpiece require very regular cleaning/brushing to use which can’t be done while hot with the plastic brush provided. A larger chamber with a metal screen on a symmetric mouth piece as I’ve seen in other vapes would easily fix most of these problems.

Dylan K.
Canada Canada
Good product

Good battery life, extremely simple design. I found no difficulties as a beginner

United States United States
Must have

I have never had a dry vaporizer. My son in law bought this one for me and OMG! It’s amazing. I used it right out of the box without instructions. When the led screen goes black and doesn’t have a temperature it’s burnt the dry and is about to be out. You can take a few more quick hits before it’s completely done. Once it’s done I **** the top, mouth piece, off and tap the unit and all the burnt falls out. No cleaning to do!!!! Amazing!!!! Best present ever!!! This is a must have!!!!!

Nicole K.
United States United States

This works beautifully and shipping was fast, thanks!

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