POTV Branded DabCap (CollabCap) V4

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  • Fits most glass 
  • Compatible with most mouthpieces
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Use any vape with any glass piece

The DabCap universal water pipe adapter (wpa) pairs almost any flower or concentrate vaporizer with your favorite glass piece. Its inside features unique cutouts to fit nearly every type of mouthpiece, while its conical, tapered shape will connect with any size male or female glass joint.

Easy to use

The DabCap is a simple, plug and play wpa. Insert the mouthpiece into the top of the DabCap until it’s nice and snug. When you’re ready to hit it, place the tapered end onto your glass connection and have at it!

Ultra durable

The DapCap is made from high quality, heat resistant silicone and naturally repels dust and dirt.