DynaVap Armored Cap V2

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A thicker cap for fuller extractions

The DynaVap Armored Cap is a thicker cap that retains more heat for denser, fuller hits from your DynaVap vaporizer. It’s a Captive Cap encased in a stainless steel shell that heats up slower, for more thorough extractions wherever you are.

Compatible with all DynaVap Tips

Full extractions in 1 to 2 cycles

Vaporize your entire load in just one to two cycles with the Armored Cap. Its beefier build holds more heat and retains it longer for fuller, denser vapor with fewer heat-ups required.

No spinning required

DynaVap upgrades the experience with a Cap that requires zero spinning. Just heat it up from the bottom for thicker hits or at the top for more flavor. Wait for the click and you’re all good to go!

Armored Cap V2

This is the second version of the Armored Cap that DynaVap has released. This newer version has a slightly shorter digger outer than its predecessor.

Tighter fit

The Armored Cap is also designed to fit more securely on any DynaVap tip to prevent it from falling off during your session or while it’s stashed away. No more hot caps on the loose!

Fits inside any DynaStash

Don’t worry. The Armored Cap is thicker than the others but your DynaVap will still fit inside any DynaStash with this cap installed.

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