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Flowermate Slick Vaporizer

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  • Black Ceramic Conduction Oven
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Screw-on Glass Mouthpiece
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece Cover
Regular price CAN$99.95
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Who's the Flowermate Slick for?

The Slick is a great choice for someone looking for a budget-friendly portable vaporizer that’s well made, easy to use, and reliable. 

Is the Flowermate Slick good?

The Flowermate Slick vaporizer is a nice value. It’s small, effective, easy to use, and affordable! The taste is good with a simple feature set. Compared to other cigar-shaped vapes like the XMAX V2Po and the Focus Vape Pro, the Slick comes out on top.

Easy to use

The Flowermate Slick gets it done with a single button for power and temperature control. After you’ve loaded the oven, just turn it on and it’s ready to vape in around 40 seconds.

Even, consistent vaporization

The Slick’s black ceramic oven uses conduction heating to evenly vaporize your herbs without stirring. Flowermate has a lot of experience with this technology, and your sessions will be consistent and predictable.

Good battery life with replaceable batteries

The Flowermate Slick is powered by one high-quality 18650 battery which delivers up to one hour of vaporization, or 10 to 12 sessions. That’s strong battery life to go along with user-replaceable batteries. Oddly enough, though, there is no way to check the battery level.

Vapor quality

The Slick's vapor is flavorful and comfortable. The short glass mouthpiece does a surprisingly good job of cooling the vapor so your draws aren’t harsh.

3 popular temperature settings

The Flowermate Slick has three temperature settings at 385° F / 196° C, 400° F / 204° C and 420° F / 215° C. The lowest setting is tasty with light clouds, giving way to thicker clouds with less taste on the higher temperatures.

Solid, attractive, build

The Slick has a black ceramic heating chamber, replaceable battery, glass stem, and laminated carbon fiber finish that looks good, but can also take a beating.

Universal charging

The Flowermate Slick charges via USB that works anywhere in the world. Whether you’re using a wall plug, power bank, or even a computer, you’re always able to charge up.

Oversized pen-shape

The Slick is only one inch in diameter, but is over six inches long and the top sticks out of most pockets. It’s a better fit for a purse or bag. The glass mouthpiece screws on so herbs your won’t accidentally spill out, and the magnetic cover helps keep smells in.

Simple maintenance

Cleaning the Slick is simple. Brush off the loading chamber and screens after each session and use a cotton swab with Isopropyl alcohol when the oils start to collect.


We are authorized dealers of Flowermate vaporizers.  Your vape will come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defect and 90 days on the battery. As with everything purchased from Planet Of The Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Flowermate Slick Vaporizer
  • One 18650 Battery (2500 mAh, 20 amp)
  • Oil/Waxy Chamber
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Five Stainless Steel Oven Screens
  • Five Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Screens
  • Packing Tool/Dabber
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stainless Steel Dry Herb Pod
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Battery Spec

Technical specifications

  • Height: 6.25 in / 16 cm
  • Diameter: 1 inch / 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 5 ounces / 144 grams
  • Removable 18650 battery (2500 mAh, 20 amp)
  • Three temperature selections - 385° F (196° C), 400° F (204° C), 420° F (215° C)
  • USB Charging
  • One Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Alan W.
United States United States
Flowermate Slick

The unit takes some getting used to. Planet of the Vapes did a great job in replacing the item when it was sent in under warranty.

A Planet of the Vapes Customer
United States United States
All the essentials, none of the fluff

I just received my unit. I use it for medicinal purposes, and I am not a heavy user and I am completely uninterested in the aesthetic of "vape clouds." I don't see the point of them except as a simulation of smoking. So keep that in mind. TLDR: If you want something of affordable high quality without ****** bells and whistles, I can't think of a nicer unit of the dozens I looked at in a similar and even slightly more expensive price range. Most seemed to sacrifice quality for bells and whistles or unnecessary complexity, etc. Full review: The design is really nice and thoughtful. The fit and finish and apparent build quality also seems great. It looks stylish and classy without being gaudy. The lid magnets feel strong and reliable. All pieces fit together well. All the screw threads on the mouthpiece, battery cap, and capsules are impeccable and feel really nice to screw and unscrew. The packaged accessories (packing and cleaning tools, capsules, extra mouthpiece, and oven screens, charge cable) are great and also feel high quality. Nothing "feels cheap." Everything screams "quality." The taste is great, it heats up quickly, the haptic feedback is wonderful. It is simple and easy to operate and take apart (more on that later) and maintain. It is compact. It has infinite battery life when you factor in how easy it is to swap batteries out. So the lack of low battery warning is completely forgivable to me (but otherwise necessary on a unit with an integrated, proprietary battery). It has plenty of pull and hit for me. Yeah, it's not the same as smoking (I think a lot of people who transition to vaping expect it to give the same strength of hit), you need to vape longer to get the same effect. But it definitely works, and is cleaner and more convenient, tastes better, and is healthier for my lungs. I know it doesn't go as cool or hot as other units. But it does the job, does it well, is well-designed and executed (the magnetic cap and cap holder is brilliant), and doesn't sacrifice quality for bells and whistles like LCD screens, etc. Here is where I give it one star less: The documentation is incomplete. It mentions nothing about the oven and mouthpiece screens (where they go, how to use them), nor about how the glass mouthpiece fits into the screw top and comes apart for cleaning and replacement of the mouthpiece screen. I had to read the Q&A here to learn about that and deduce where the oven screen goes (my guess is at the bottom of the oven, the same way the mouthpiece screen drops into the bottom of the mouthpiece). But that didn't make any sense to me until I learned that the glass mouthpiece actually comes apart from the screw top in the first place! I never would have guessed that, I thought it was permanently attached. It fits into a rubber gasket, so it sort of tilts and pulls out (I spent about 10 minutes trying to unscrew it). So I'm including all that here in case it helps others... I feel like I absolutely made the right decision. This unit actually feels a little bit underpriced for what you get out of it. Like the Korg G1 Air piano. I know, completely different product, but follows the same design philosophy: Make a solid-performing high-quality product at an incredible price point by sacrificing gimmicks, bells and whistles, and unnecessary complexity. KIS: Keep It Simple. Thank you Flowermate, and thank you Planet of the Vapes! There were some weird SNAFUs with my order but POTV has been really responsive and great to work with so far, and gives me a lot of confidence to continue buying from them for my vape needs! (Jeff Bezos doesn't need any more money from anyone ever)

Planet of the Vapes

You're very welcome, Ethan, and thank you so much for that detailed review. Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving. Please stay safe out there. With best regards, Larry

KyliJane H.
Canada Canada
Occasional user

So far so good. Took a while to get the hang of the buttons. My boyfriend who doesn’t vape or anything helped me figure out how to take it off idle mode while I thought it was broken cause it wouldn’t heat up... it works lol A little difficult to inhale but like they’ve said.. slow long or quick short puffs.. but it is smooth and doesn’t hurt your throat. The magnetic topper is really nice. It does make a difference when holding it... really enjoyed it so far.

Vageesh N.
Canada Canada

Works exactly as needed as is relatively easy to use.

Chris S.
Canada Canada
Simply amazing

1st device ever, blown away! So intuitive, button on button off. The feel is tactile, a nice weight to it when holding like an old luxury car but light enough for pockets (even tested on basketball shorts). 3 temps make a huge difference vs a single setting vape. You can actually taste the terpins at the lower temps. The red zone is nice, like a loose rolled J with a paper filter. Strong draws, decent cloud. What’s great is the temp is still not a full on ignition, so the smell doesn’t stick to clothing and had a sweeter aroma. Even the battery last long ( full day of errands) and is also replaceable or buy back ups. Definitely a good starter vape. Loving this device. Flowermate killed it with the Slick.

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