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Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

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Color: Black
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  • Take it anywhere with its ultra-pocketable design
  • Big, tasty vapor from its ceramic oven
  • Enjoy uninterrupted vaping with swap in/out batteries
  • Customize your sessions with precise temperature control
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Who's the Flowermate V5 Nano for?

The Flowermate V5 Nano is a great option for those looking for a simple to use, sleek and effective portable conduction vaporizer that checks all the feature boxes at an attractive price. For a little over CAD$150 you get potent vapor, removable batteries, and all the right features for a session that should cost more.

Decent heat up time

Depending on the battery used, the Nano averages about 50 seconds to reach 390F from a cold start. That’s plenty fast enough for a session vape where you will go through the whole bowl in one sitting. If you’re looking for more of a one-hitter style vape, take a look at the Magic Flight Launch Box or one of our Dynavaps.

Swappable batteries with USB charging

The Nano doesn’t have the greatest battery life by any means, but with USB charging and replaceable batteries, you’ll only have yourself to blame if you run out of juice. In our testing, the Nano vape got 40 - 50 minutes of continuous vape time or 6 to 10 sessions on a full charge with the included battery. What you get out of it will depend on how often and hot you vape, as well as the quality of the battery you use.

Even vaporization

True to the Flowermate V5 series, the Nano uses conduction heat to vaporize your herbs. The black ceramic oven evenly cooks your herbs without stirring, and it comes with a loading funnel so you don’t spill.

Easy to use

The Flowermate Nano has three buttons that do just what you think they would. The big power button turns the unit or the heater on and off, and the two smaller buttons adjust the temperature. There’s no need to stir, so vaping is as easy as loading it up and turning it on without any fuss during your sessions.

Low maintenance

There’s not a whole lot to clean with the Nano vape. Just brush out the oven and brush off the screen after each session. All you need for deeper cleanings is a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

Digital temperature control w/ vibration

The Flowermate V5 Nano has full digital temperature control from 104° - 446° F (40° - 230° C) and vibrating haptic feedback that alerts you when the vape is turned on or off, reaches temp, or the session times out.

Pocket sized with solid build

The Flowermate Nano has an anodized aluminum shell and blending black glass to give it a tough but polished look, and the mouthpiece tucks away into its own storage compartment. At roughly 3.75” x 2” x 1”, or about the same size as the Arizer ArGo, the Nano fits easily into any pocket, purse or bag.

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The Nano may not be the biggest vaporizer in the Flowermate V5 Series, but it feels like the flagship.

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User manual

Download the Flowermate V5 Nano manual here.


The Flowermate V5 Nano comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. You will need your device’s serial number to be eligible for warranty work, which can be located on the back of the box on a sticker. As with everything we sell, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer Box Contents - Planet of the Vapes

What's in the box

  • Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • 18650 2500 mAh Battery
  • Loading Cap
  • Liquid/Extract Pod
  • Dry Herb Pod
  • Stainless Steel Screens
  • USB Rapid Charger
  • Maintenance Kit & Accessories
  • User Manual
Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer mouthpiece - Planet of the Vapes specs

Technical specifications

  • Height: 3.75 in
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Weight: 5 oz / 142 g
  • 104° - 446° F / 40° - 230° C
  • Fully Adjustable Temp. Range
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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gabriele d.
Canada Canada

It ******! (and not in a good way...)

I love the Nano, but not when you send me a defective item. Larry was all over giving me advice, which I followed to a "T", but then when I wanted to escalate it and get a non defective exchange, no one answered. You can go and see all the unanswered emails on file. So I returned it to Mississauga, which Canada Post and your email tells me you've received. I can only hope at this writing, that I will receive it sooner, and that it won't be defective. Too bad. Gabriele


Planet of the Vapes

I am so sorry about this Gabriele. I see that Solon on our logistics team was able to straigten all this out for you. Please keep us posted. We want this to work for you. Take care, Larry

Adlai S.
Canada Canada

Edit to my last review

The v5 nano dry herb capsules are very sturdy and can hold up to 0.18 grams(from my experience) great for a good buzz. My numbers in my last review were off because my last scale was apparently not calibrated properly. Amazing entry level vape. Lots of great features.

Planet of the Vapes Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer Review
Chet B.
Canada Canada

A great vape for your buck.

I have had my V5 Nano for two years now, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Pros: 1. Removable 18650-type batteries. This is amazing when you are on the go or just hanging out. I have a charger that holds four batteries, so it’s as easy as swapping and charging. No plugging the vaporizer in and having to wait. If you have three batteries and a charger, you’ll never wait to vape again. 2. Dosing capsules! Planet of Vapes (as of October 2022) sells the dry herb dosing capsules at half the price of other vendors, and they are great. Have ten, load them up, and swap and vape till you are done, then empty and save the already vaped bud (abv) for edibles and reload. By the time I’ve used ten capsules, it’s time to give the Flowermate a good cleaning anyways. I find that the dry herb capsules hold between a quarter to a half a gram (your mileage may vary depending on how tight you pack them) 3. Easy to clean. Remove the glass mouthpiece, remove the rubber ring holding screen in place, soak all four pieces in ISO alcohol, swab the inside of the piece the glass connects to, rinse all parts with clean water, pat dry, and you are set. I’d also recommend soaking your pods in iso now and then. They can look clean but hold a fair bit of dirt. If you use the pods, you barely ever have to clean the heating chamber. 4. Auto shut off after 6 minutes. I will run a capsule for two 6 minutes sessions, and that is plenty of time for me to get full extraction (and for it to hit me). 5. Haptic feedback. With haptic feedback telling me it’s reached temperature. I just tap five times to turn on(feel the feedback), hold down on the power till I feel the feedback telling me it’s warming up, and wait for the final bit of feedback to tell me it’s ready to go. 6. Mouthpiece fits inside the device's air path when I’m done, making it great to travel with. 7. Small and compact. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, the body of the vaporizer doesn’t get warm when in use, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket without it feeling like a Costanza wallet. 8. Price. For a vaporizer that has dosing capsules, and batteries that are swappable, has a digital display, with fine temp adjustment, haptic feedback, and is easy as F to clean, the price is fantastic. For an entry level vape, this device checks off a lot of boxes. Drawbacks (pun intended) 1) using the capsules has a bit of a learning curve to know how much herbs to add for easy draws. 2) Glass mouthpiece can get pretty hot with consecutive sessions. Thought it’s actually welcoming when vaping outside in Canadian winters. . 3) Resin build-up on the mouthpiece. It’s a good idea to give a detailed cleaning once a week if you are a daily user. The resin can build up pretty quickly inside the mouthpiece causing resistance to airflow. 4) The concentrate capsule/pod☠️. If you are into concentrates. Just don’t use it. Get a dedicated rig. Getting concentrates into the capsule is a pain in the butt, and after you use it, removing the pod from the machine or even opening the pod is a pain because the concentrates just make the whole process a sticky mess. If the pod gets stuck in the machine, use a hair dryer on it till the capsule falls out. Same with difficulty opening the capsule. 5) If you don’t use capsules, the metal screen gets clogged super quickly. I would almost say it requires a wipe after every noncapsule use. Overall this is a fantastic entry-level vape for those who want a digital display, haptic feedback, and continuous and easy use thanks to the swappable batteries and dry herb dosing capsules. It’s also great for those who like not having to settle for three pre-set heating temperatures. If you have the money, just go for the Mighty, but if you are just starting out, low on cash, or want a vaporizer that’s got a lot of features that you would find in higher-end expensive models, this one is for you.

Brittany O.
Canada Canada

Husband loves it

Great little machine. We have a Mighty but wanted to have an extra vape roaming around and this one is perfect. Great smoke, easy to use. Definitely recommend. Husband loves it. Got it for his birthday present.


Planet of the Vapes

NICE birthday present, Brittany. Regards, Larry

Sarah L.
Canada Canada

Love it!

Product is great. Love how quickly it heats up and how easy it is to use. Only inconvenience is when you empty it and the small filter falls out. Just gotta watch for it so you can put it back in.