Hohm Tech Alone 18650 3309mAh 15.3A Battery

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Rechargeable 18650 battery

With so many choices and specifications, battery shopping can overwhelm. To keep it simple, look for something with a higher mAh number if you want a longer lasting cell, and a higher amp rating if you want a stronger cell. If you mostly vape at higher temperatures, focus on the amps, or power. If you vape at lower temps and want longer battery life, get a battery with a higher mAh rating. Finally, if you use a box mod with more than one battery, buy batteries in sets that you keep together and charge together, and treat them as one.

Hohm Tech Alone

The Hohm Tech Alone 18650 battery is a high-capacity battery made to vape all-day. Rated at 3,309 mAh with a 15.3 amp continuous discharge rate, the Hohm Alone 18650 is great for box mods, and provides long run times at low to medium temperatures. If you prefer higher temperatures, give the Hohm Tech Work V2 a look.

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