PAX Rounded Multi-Tool

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  • Perfect for packing and removing material from your PAX vape
  • Use the PAX Rounded Multi-Tool for an ultimate fit inside your vape’s oven
  • Prevent scratching with the curved edges of this multi-tool
  • Complete with a handy keychain, keep it close
  • Compatible with all PAX dry herb vaporizers
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The redesigned PAX Rounded Multi-Tool

Perfect for packing and removing material from your PAX Mini and PAX Plus, the PAX Rounded Multi-Tool has been redesigned with new edges that are curved to fit inside your PAX vaporizer’s oven without scratching.

Makes loading and unloading a breeze

Use the curved silicone end of the Rounded Multi-Tool to tamp down your herbs into your PAX vaporizer’s oven. Remove your spent material with a handy metal pick at the end of your session.

Food-grade safe

PAX Labs was careful to only use food-grade materials in the PAX Rounded Multi-Tool, so there are no worries about any toxic byproducts. The PAX Rounded Multi-Tool is totally safe while unloading your PAX dry herb vaporizer.

Keychain included

Comes complete with a handy keychain, so you’ll never lose your PAX Rounded Multi-Tool.

The updated PAX Rounded Multi-Tool

This is the newer, redesigned PAX Rounded Multi-Tool with the curved edges (versus the older PAX Multi-Tool with the square edges).

Compatible with all PAX vaporizers

PAX Plus
PAX Mini

Official accessory of PAX Labs

The PAX Rounded Multi-Tool is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product, meaning it is manufactured by PAX Labs to their high standards.

Return policy

We only accept returns for accessories if they are within 30 days, unused and unopened, or if they are being returned with a vaporizer under our 14-day satisfaction policy.