POTV ONE Dosing Capsule Caddy Insert for Tightvac

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  • Holds up to 32 POTV ONE Dosing Capsules
  • Insert fits 3.5 gram Tightvac containers
  • Center storage slot for brushes
  • Organize your capsules with numbered columns
Regular price CAN$18.95
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Turn your Tightvac into a massive POTV ONE Capsule Caddy!

Just slide this insert into your Tightvac stash container to convert it into a holder for 32 dosing capsules. If you find yourself regularly loading dosing capsules, now you can do it all at once and be ready for the day, week, or month, depending on your appetite.

Room for a brush and Boveda pack

The insert has a hole down the center for a cleaning brush or short stir tool. And there’s just enough wiggle space around the edge of the insert for a small Boveda pack (Size 1), to keep your hemp flowers fresh. This insert is a true all-in-one solution to carry everything you need with your Planet of the Vapes ONE.

Organize your different hemp flowers

There is plenty of room to organize your hemp flowers, whether you want to separate them by type, or by which ones have already been used. The insert has six columns for capsules, conveniently numbered One through Six. Four of the columns hold six capsules, while the final two columns hold four capsules. It’s a dosing capsule warrior’s dream!

Bundle up and save

Grab a set of dosing capsules with your capsule caddy and save! We also sell POTV ONE dosing capsules separately when you need to expand your collection.

Tightvac storage container NOT included

This product is only the capsule caddy insert, and does not include a Tightvac container nor the dosing capsules. Planet of the Vapes sells the Tightvac separately.

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