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  • Banish the batteries with manual butane heating
  • Enjoy flavorful hits with full convection heating
  • Load it and vape with instant heat-up
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects
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Who’s the Junior for?

The Junior is Sticky Brick’s pocketable butane-powered portable. Its simple design efficiently kicks out thick, tasty clouds without the need for spare batteries or a charging outlet. It heats up quickly and works well with big or small loads. With just a little practice with the torch-lighter, you’ll dial in low or high temperatures, and be in complete control of your sessions.

Instant heat up

The Sticky Brick Junior produces vapor in as little as three to four seconds. You can’t get any faster than that. Just torch and go!

No batteries!

The Junior is powered with a single flame torch, putting you in the driver seat. Change the distance of the flame or your draw speed to create different results and temperatures. Pair a slow draw with a close flame for dense hits, or a fast draw with a distant flame for flavorful vapor. Multi-flame torches work, but aren’t necessary with the Sticky Brick lineup.

Desktop power

Don’t underestimate the Junior’s size. It can lay out thick, flavorful hits usually reserved for desktop rigs, no cords or batteries required. Dial in your technique and you’ll be blown away.

Great for big or small bowls

Sticky Bricks are some of the most versatile vaporizers on the market. Each one can hold as much as 0.3 grams, or as little as 0.1 grams, and still kick out great flavor.

No waste

The Sticky Brick Junior is ultra efficient, and only cooks your herbs when you inhale. Take as much time as you’d like to go through a bowl. Start off in the morning, and finish it later in the day.

Concentrate compatible

Each Sticky Brick comes with a stainless steel pad for concentrates. Load the pad into the heating chamber and drop your concentrate on top. Fire up the torch and begin inhaling.

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Quality-built in the US

The Sticky Brick Junior is handmade in the US, with quality materials, and comes available in seven different types of wood. The durable, hardwood construction can last a lifetime, and the dense Simax Borosilicate glass is strong and flavorful. Maintenance and assembly is a walk in the park, thanks to the magnetic inserts.

The portable Brick

The Junior is the most portable unit out of the Sticky Brick lineup, but still produces full, quality hits despite its smaller footprint. Standing at 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 1.25 inch thick, the Junior is technically pocketable. It’ll fit nice and snug in a back or side pocket, but you won’t have room for much more than the lighter.

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User manual

Download the  Sticky Brick Junior manual here.


Sticky Brick vaporizers are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. All glass is covered by a 15-day warranty against manufacturer defects. You will need your device’s serial number and model ID to be eligible for warranty work. This can be located on the side of the packaging box. When you buy your Sticky Brick vape from Planet of the Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sticky Brick Junior Maple Vaporizer Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Single flame torch lighter (shipped empty)
  • Two carb corks
  • Two stainless stir sticks
  • Two wooden sticks
  • Six screens
  • Two Restrictor Discs (one installed)
  • One Sticky Pad
  • User manual
Sticky Brick Junior Padauk Vaporizer Side View Tech Specs

Technical specifications

  • Height: 4.5"
  • Width: 3”
  • Depth: 1.25”
  • Weight: 4.7oz
  • Manual temperature control
  • Lifetime warranty - manufacturer defects
  • 15-day warranty on glass - manufacturer defects
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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